Todd Lubar Has Extensive Experience In The Financial And Real Estate Industries

In 1995, Todd started working in the real estate industry. His desire to assist others and love for the business saw him engage in the finance and real estate industries. He started his career by working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. Here, Todd learned about the structure of conservative mortgage banking. Over the years, he created rapport with CPA’s, insurance agents, real estate agents and financial planners. Today, these individuals are a crucial basis of referral business.

In 1999, Todd secured an equity position with the renowned Legacy Financial Group. To this end, he was able to broker loans to various investors besides lending as a direct mortgage bank. Todd founded Legendary Properties, LLC, in 2002. This residential development corporation engaged in rapid progression of buying, selling, rehabilitating and making profits from over 200 transactions. The company zeroed in on single-family dwellings and multi-family properties. In his business, Todd established viable relationships with people who were experienced in the vast building engagements required to yield quality products in a timely manner.

For several years, Todd Lubar was ranked among the 25 leading mortgage originators in the United States. Over the years, he has helped numerous borrowers. Other lending institutions would have ignored most of them. Through Legendary Properties’ liquidity and his own resources, Todd was able to come to the help of many borrowers in the market. Dynamics in the real estate industry caused Todd to venture into different businesses. He owned a nightclub and operated an automotive scrap metal recycling business. Todd has engaged in the commercial demolition business. Here, he got crucial contracts from the largest contractors in the nation.

In 2003, he founded Charter Funding, which is First Magnus Financial Corporation’s subsidiary. Through the company, Todd was able to enhance the company’s services considering that he had access to various programs and products. First Magnus is regarded as one of the leading privately held mortgage corporations in the United States. Previously, Todd worked for Priority Financial Services LLC as a senior vice president. The corporation has gained immense reputation as having remarkable customer services. It deals with buyers and homeowners having mortgages. Todd is TDL Global Ventures LLC’s president. His hobbies are travelling and adding value to everything that he engages in.