Michael Zomber on Living the Bushido Lifestyle


Michael Zomber chooses to live a Bushido lifestyle by focusing on morality, discipline and honor to center himself in all that he does in life. Often referred to as the way of the Japanese warrior, his lifestyle choice reflects in his work, his collection and his way of life.

There are many facets to Michael Zomber’s work. On any given day, he may be found writing on a new book. He is the author of five stories all based around the Bushido lifestyle including:

Shogun Iemitsu

Jesus and the Samurai

Sweet Betsy, That’s Me

Park Avenue

A Son Of Kentucky

He may also be found on a History Channel set talking about ancient weapons or lending his advice to other shows as an ancient weapons’ expert. One of the shows that he is most proud of working on is “Tales of the Gun.”

Other times, he can be found working alongside his wife on projects for their Renascent Films LLC. The company produced the well-received documentary Soul of the Samurai.

When not at work, Michael Zomber may be found adding to his personal collection of antique weapons. Not surprisingly, his favorite is the Japanese samurai sword. He has several in his collection and feels that each tells a personal story of the warrior that carried it before Michael obtain the weapon.

Michael Zomber also lives the Bushido lifestyle frequently giving to charities. Some of the charities that he regularly gives to include Doctors Without Borders and UNICEF. They believe that war and conflict are almost inevitable but that people should help the innocent victims left behind.

Michael desires to pass all that he has learned along the way to others starting with his own two children, Gabriella and Christopher. The family can often be seen playing together in the Philadelphia neighborhood that they proudly call home.

Michael Zomber proudly lives the Bushido lifestyle. More than anything else, however, he uses his interests and keen intellect to be a master storyteller. He knows that many people find history boring to read. It is so important, however, that people learn from that history or they are bound to repeat it. That is the point behind all that this charismatic man does regardless of where he is found. Read more about him on his official site, where they have a great bio: http://www.michaelzomber.com/bio.html