Passionate Dentist Avi Weisfogel benefits Operation Smile with GoFundMe Campaign

Avi Weisfogel, a practicing dentist in Old Bridge, NJ, has announced a campaign that will benefit Operation Smile, an international medical charity that provides free surgical procedures of children. Dr. Weisfogel’s campaign goal is $2000 to help the charity provide services to children and young adults that suffer from cleft palates, clefts lips and other facial deformities.

Dr. Weisfogel’s passions and background led him to select Operation Smile as the beneficiary of this GoFundMe Campaign because of the belief that children deserve access to the very best care possible. Operation Smile’s charitable mission was founded in 1982 by Bill and Kathy Magee, in which their mission was to help children in the Philippines. Now, Operation Smile has a global network dedicated to their mission.

Avi Weisfogel would like to help Operation Smile in their mission to identify the most effective solutions that will help as many children gain hope for a healthier and brighter tomorrow. By working with local medical professionals, hospitals, governments and other organizations, Operation Smile is able to identify solutions that will reach many children as possible.

Weisfogel is dedicated to Operation Smile’s campaign due to their long standing missions to help children in need and their excellent global network dedicated to building long-term sufficiency through training local medical professionals. Dr. Weisfogel is dedicated to helping others and hopes that others will see the global mission of Operation Smile and help spread the word about their initiative to help children obtain medically necessary oral health care.

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US Money Reserve to provide funding for “Lone Sailor” commemoration at Pearl Harbor.


The U.S. Money Reserve, one world’s largest distributors of gold, silver, and platinum products, is teaming up with the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation to build a statue in honor of Navy personnel around the world. The news comes via a press release published on Yahoo Finance. The Lone Sailor Statue represents the dedication to duty and honorable service that has been the hallmark of the U.S. Navy since its very beginnings.

The Yahoo press release notes that this commemoration will be funded largely with proceeds from the sale of the U.S. Money Reserve’s one-of-a-kind 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor Gold and Silver Coins. The anniversary coins elegantly pay respect to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the Pear Harbor attacks. All of the proceeds according to CBS 19, that the U.S. Money Reserve will be giving to the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation will be used to construct the Lone Sailor Statue in Hawaii.

The bronze commemoration is designed by talented sculptor Stanley Bleifeld, the official sculptor of the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation. According to the release, the statue will stand 7 feet tall and weigh approximately half a ton. In honor of the fallen servicemen, steel from the USS Arizona will be built into the base of the Lone Sailor Statue. A unique gesture that help bring the events of Pearl Harbor closer to living memory.

The US Money Reserve’s Pearl Harbor Gold and Silver coins are both an investment and a means of paying tribute to the honorable men and women who serve in the U.S. Armed Forces. The CEO of the Navy Memorial Foundation is quoted in the press release as saying, “This beautiful coin represents not only an important inflection point in our nation’s history, but it is a remembrance of the greatest generation who went on to win this war.”

Philanthropist Keith Mann Creates Professional Achievement Scholarship

In Brooklyn, New York, a charitable businessman and a non-profit organization are teaming up to help young professionals develop. Keith Mann is happy to team up with Uncommon Schools, the non-profit school organization, to help recent high school senior graduates experience less financial pressure as they continue their business studies. The kids must qualify with a 1,000 word essay that demonstrates their business creativity and determination.

The application process begins in early 2016 and goes through the end of February 2016. The single winner of the application and scholarship will be announced in March of 2016. They will recieve a $5,000 prize which they can put toward their college tuition.

The man behind this amazing scholarship is the CEO Keith Mann. His background is that he is the current founder of DSP – Dynamic Search Partners. He has over 15 years working in his area of work: executive research. Keith is also an expert in the hedgefund compensation field. In addition, he performs roles related to the strategic hiring and staffing of firms. When at DSP in 2002, he was instrumental in the launch of the Alternative Investment Practice. He did this because there were not enough services for the booming hedge fund industry and he was able to identify this problem and address it.

His firm, DSP, is the ultimate search firm for hedgefund personnel. Alternative firms of investment are his main focus, and he enjoys managing the daily operations to ensure the success of everyone he works with.

Avi Weisfogel and The Movement that Creates Beautiful Smiles

Avi Weisfogel and Operation Smile
Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the well-known dentist from New Jersey. He had attended New York University College of Dentistry and received his dentist degree. He had also received his Bachelor Degree in Biology and Psychology from Rutgers University. Avi is a dentist from New Jersey who also incorporates philanthropy into his life. Approximately five years ago Avi Weisfogel had started “Healthy Heart Sleep.” This had been started in order to help those individuals who were experiencing sleep issues and problems. Avi Weisfogel started this for other doctors and himself in order to be of assistance to those with various sleep disorders. His current philanthropy endeavor is called Operation Smile. He is asking for help with this project through GoFundMe. He started his own page for this project.

The Charity that Creates Smiles
The charity Operation Smile, has been helping many children throughout the world. It is a charity that was started by Dr. William Magee and his wife Kathleen. These two are medical professionals who had been overwhelmed by the large need for this operation back in the year 1982. This had begun in order to assist children who had been born with facial deformities. The deformities might be due to cleft palates or cleft lips. This operation rounds up volunteer staff to assist the patients, request donations for supplies, provide education, and perform needed surgeries in order to help those with various facial deformities. The operation had begun in the Philippines and now reaches approximately 80 different countries. Many of the people that are helped through this program would not have the needed access to the dental procedures in these underdeveloped countries.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel Believes in This Operation
The reason that Dr. Avi Weisfogel had started a page on GoFundMe is because he believes in this operation. It is a worthy cause that truly creates beautiful smiles. This operation simply extends Avi’s current work within the dental area and it reflects his compassion towards others. Avi Weisfogel truly believes that Operation Smile is a cause that is worth believing in. This is an operation that request assistance in order to discover solutions that will only lead to big smiles.

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Charles Koch Starts A Nonprofit Making Organization

Charles Koch founded a very powerful political machine, and since its formation, the network has been very successful. The network is managed by billionaire Charles Koch with the help of his brother, David Koch. Recently, the network announced that it will be launching a new nonprofit wing to address some important deep rooted social problems and also revitalize the civil society.

The nonprofit making organization is called Stand Together and it’s still in its initial stages. The main aim of the organization is to get $15 million during the year. This news has been confirmed by the officials in the organization. The organizers of the firm say that their main goal is to strengthen the fabric in the American society.

According to the executive director of the organization, Evans Feinberg, the group will ensure that they make significant difference in the lives of American citizens, and they plan to do this by providing solutions to the problems the people are experiencing. According to him, the organization will not be veering in any policy fights, but it will focus its efforts in partnering with some private institutions that address social problems like gang violence or high recidivism.

Together with his associates, Charles Koch has worked very hard internally to ensure that the group runs smoothly, but the group is expected to make its first action this week. They will be launching the organization’s website and sharing the future plans of the firm during an annual seminar for several donors associated with Koch.

The organization has also announced that it will be teaming up with a prominent conservative, Mr. Bob Woodson, during its first activities. Woodson is actually the president and also CEO of Neighborhood Enterprise. He is an architect in the initiatives by President George Bush.

The organization launch comes at a time when the associates of Charles Koch and David Koch send millions in dollars to several programs that are aimed at the poor people in the society.

Charles Koch greatest grass root supporters, the Americans for Prosperity, are offering classes to the citizens. His other supporters, the Libre Initiative give people free holidays to Latinos. In 2014, the Koch industries and Charles Koch raised $25 million in funds.

The network has received a lot of criticism of from some people. The audit reports from the organization shows some serious irregularities. The organization has been extravagant in spending leaving a lot of suspicions.

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Keith Mann: On A Mission To Help

Most high school seniors can tell you that it is very hard to be able to afford to get to go to college without getting into debt unless you qualify for scholarships or special grants. So when an organization and the people running it offer scholarships to assist our young people with college tuition and other expenses, it is a major opportunity that many feel blessed to be able to take advantage of.

One such organization is Dynamics Search Partners which was established by Keith Mann. Mann offers an awarded scholarship to one special individual from the Uncommon Schools which are located in New York City area. The criteria for the scholarship is that an individual must write a 1000 word essay on how earning a college degree will assist them with a career of their choosing and help them achieve their career goals.

Keith Mann believes in education and strives to partner the right person to fit the company that will benefit both the individual and the organization not only financially, but with personal and professional growth, as well. Keith Mann is supportive in assisting children who are unfortunate financially and want to attend college. The Mann’s both feel that giving these kids a chance to attend college and then becoming a success story, while they use their knowledge, promotes their mission statement.

The Mann’s scholarship is available for applying seniors that go to the Uncommon Charter High School that is located in Brooklyn. The process of applying for the scholarship expires on February 29, 2016, and the lucky individual will be notified by the end of March, 2016. They will be given a $5000.00 scholarship.

Mr. Mann has 15 years experience in the hedge fund industry. His expertise has led him to work in the private equity area of business and given him the opportunity to work with many large organizations in the search industry. His company has operations in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Mann is a philanthropist and donates to the New York Police Department and many other charities for children. Follow Keith on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on his philanthropic endeavors.

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Keith Mann Speaks Out About the Virtues of the NYPD

Keith Mann may be known throughout NYC as a successful hedge fund manager and owner of Dynamic Search Partners, but in his free time he is also a philanthropist. He has shifted his focus to include the NYPD to help show support to officers who have been embattled by violence and negative media attention.

He reached out to the NYPD to purchase the 54th precinct lunch and then repeated the action just a few weeks later to make sure that they noticed the show of gratitude. He mentioned that sometimes one act can go unnoticed, so he repeated it to make sure that the officers know that they are grateful for the work they do.

Mann is the owner and founder of Dynamic Search Partners and spends his time managing the firm and recruiting for financial services firms and private equity firms. He helps his clients find qualified hires for marketing, investment, and internal strategy positions. When he is not working he spends time working with Uncommon Schools to help give graduating students tools to find jobs and also donates to other charities including Hope and Heroes.

He has been watching violence against police grow and is concerned that police officers do not realize that most people support them. Mann explained that he believes most people support their local police forces but they are silent. Instead, they need to make their voice heard which can be done by taking simple actions. For Mann this meant purchasing lunch, but for others it can mean simply participating in a rally or taking the time to tell an officer they are appreciated.

Mann added that officers deserve to be thanked for keeping people safe because they are just people like everyone else and have families at home as well. The fact that they encounter dangerous situations to help others out is one reason why careless action against the police must be stopped.

He has a personal connection to the NYPD as his wife’s uncle serves Staten Island as a detective. Mann commented that the attacks on police officers that have occurred during so called peaceful protests have really hit too close to home and it is time to stand up and praise the NYPD for all the good they do.

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Weisfogel Helps Others Help Children Through Go Fund Me

Avi Weisfogel is a dentist that works hard to create beautiful smiles for people. He is instrumental in starting the Dental Sleep Masters business that helps train other dental professionals to use dental appliances and work with sleep appliances. Dr. Weisfogel is one of the important dental professionals that goes around lecturing about sleep apnea and the need for help. People going to the dental clinics and dentist offices are going to be better off because of the classes and lectures that the dentists are taking through Avi Weisfogel.

The dentist is responsible for telling their clients about their needs. They are also responsible for telling the families about the costs to take care of the dental needs. Sometimes this is hard because you know that the families are unable to afford to have the work done. What is there to do when your child needs help but is unable to receive because you can barely afford to pay the rent. People like Dr. Weisfogel have been instrumental in creating ways for people to have the surgery they need at no or low cost to them. Operation Smile is an organization that does just this. The organization helps people to set up the surgeries they need. When a child is born with deformities to their mouth or gums they can have issues eating or drinking. A hole in the mouth can cause issues and is easily repaired if the dental surgeon knows how. It is easy to repair if there is money to do so.

Operation smile has been around for many years. It has helped numerous children in countries where they do not have the money to even feed themselves. These countries may have many children born with cleft palates due to the nutrition their parent received while pregnant. The surgeries are being paid for by the money that is collected through the Fund Me Campaign. This campaign is going to help many more people that are at the poverty level and unable to pay for the surgeries on their own. DR. Weisfogel is doing more than just dental work. He is helping others help you and helping others help themselves. There should be more dental professionals like him in the world.

If we all took the time to look at others we might see what we need to see. Helping a child that may not be able to afford the surgery unless someone helps is a good feeling. Follow Avi on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on his campaign.