Strides in Neurological Treatment

The brain controls every part of your life. An injury to the brain in most cases affects one’s speech, how someone thinks, and their memory as well.

However, science has made great strides in coming up with clinical tests that are able to cure the central nervous system. In a clinical trial HALT -MS carried out by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, it was discovered that by transplanting a person’s blood-forming stem cells then it is possible to restore the brain’s functionality. Participants of this trial who suffered from brain damage did not experience any relapses in close to five years.

In the research findings, one-time treatment using the cell transplant method is more effective in the long-term treatment compared to prescription drugs. The most common symptom of multiple sclerosis includes fatigue and motor and speech difficulties. An individual who suffers from MS may relapse in future and the ailment may worsen as well.

Researchers tested the safety and durability of HALT-MS treatment with patients between the ages of 26-52 who had relapsed despite taking clinically available medications. The aim of the treatment was basically to prevent future disability by repairing the immune system. This treatment involves collecting the patients’ blood-forming stem cells and then exposing them to high chemotherapy treatment. One of the major risks involved in this kind of treatment is that the body is easily attacked by infections. Five years after the research was carried out the patients had improved as they could control their movements.

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