Brian Bonar: An International Financial Leader

Brian Bonar is CEO and Chairman of San Diego-based Dalrada Financial. Despite his long career in business and finance, Bonar is an engineer by training, having earned his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from James Watt Technical College in Scotland. He later took a master’s degree, also in mechanical engineering, from Stafford University.

According to White Pages, before embarking on his career as an executive, Brian Bonar was a procurement manager at IBM, where he was in charge of outsourcing manufacturing for computer components. He also spent several years as Director of Engineering for QMS, an engineering consulting firm in the north of England.

He transitioned into a more executive role in 1989, when he became Vice President for Sales and Marketing of Rastek Corporation. At Rastek, Bonar led a team that sold printing technology to businesses all over the world.

At Dalarada Financial, Brian Bonar works with companies throughout the United States to help streamline their human resources and personnel costs. As an employer business solution, the company aims to save businesses money by helping companies offer pre-tax medical benefits to their employees.

In addition, they offer a variety of benefits programs for employees, such group medical plans and supplemental dental and vision insurance. They also offer a payroll advance service that allows companies to give their employees a cash advance of up to $500.

Over the years, through his work in large companies, and his start-up Dalrada Financial and sister company Truecept, Bonar has developed a deep interest in a number of business areas, such as marketing and strategy, mergers and acquisitions, outsourcing, and angel investing.

Because he is passionate about helping companies grow and prosper, he is able to make a real difference in their bottom line. Most small businesses spend way too much time and money on administrative issues and not enough on their core business. Bonar helps businesses change this.