Using Securus Technologies to Take Down a Wanted Fugitive

Keeping my city safe is only part of my job as a fugitive hunter. I am part of a crew who take our job on the fugitive task force very serous. It is one thing to be hunting a dangerous suspect, it is another when they call us out directly and threaten more violence if we continue with our efforts. This month we were dealing with such a suspect, and things were about to go from bad to worse overnight as a result.


When we began to pressure this suspect’s family for answers, he retaliated by committing a violent crime and messaging me directly that it was their blood on his hands. I could not allow him to hurt others and use me as the bait, so we pulled back and disappeared into the shadows so he would hopefully let up on the violence.


What we did was head over to the local prison and take advantage of a resource that was recently installed there. When Securus Technologies is in town, you know that they are doing everything to make your city safer. They installed a new inmate call monitoring system in the jail that was supposed to give corrections officers the ability to pay even closer attention to calls being made by inmates.


Once the inmates saw my team at the jail, they knew we were there for information on our suspect. The phone alert system began to light up like a Christmas tree as inmates were telling their families to either lay low or to avoid contact with authorities. It was one call that really paid huge dividends, as the inmate talked openly about his family, he also gave away a hiding spot we did not even have on our radar. We were able to find our suspect walking into that location only hours later and take him down.


Securus Helps Murder Investigators Solve Crimes Within 48 Hours

There is this crazy statistic that applies to murder investigations. Apparently, when a body is found, law enforcement officers have 48 hours to solve the case. The chances of solving the case drop precipitously after this 48-hour window expires. Murder investigators must pull out all the stops and work around the clock for two days straight once a body is found.


I think we can all agree that murder is the worst crime that you can commit. These criminal investigations should be of the utmost important to law enforcement and society in general. That’s why murder investigators need every single tool available to them in order to solve these crimes within 48 hours.


That’s why it is really cool to read about this company called Securus Technologies. You probably have never heard of them before, but they are a multimillion dollar telecommunications company. They provide all the telephone services inside of a jail that they service. Since they are the ones providing the phone calls, the company records every single phone conversation. It is their right to do so because prisoners have lost their constitutional protection to privacy because of their convictions.


Murder investigators can then turn to this telecommunications company for assistance during their investigations. Most premeditated murderers have been in and out of jail or know people inside of jail. They have likely talked on the phone in jail or have called an incarcerated person inside of jail.


Securus Technologies allows murder investigators to bring a recording of the suspect’s voice to the company. Proprietary software then analyzes the voice and pulls up every single recorded phone call that the suspect was a part of. Investigators can then listen to these phone calls in order to get assistance in their investigations. This software can help solve crimes within 48 hours.


Benefits of BICSI Certification on ICT Service Providers

Securus technology has served correction facilities and families in 48 states in Canada and the United States through offering video visitation, calls, texts, and email services. It was founded in 1986, and its headquarters are based in Dallas Texas. It has served more than 1,200,000 inmates in North America. Securus Technologies also provides public information, emergency services, public information and information management.


Securus Technology announced the release of the latest Investigator Pro. 4.0 from JLG Technologies. The software has the capability of sampling a given voice either from the caller or the inmate. It also allows the sampled voice to be searched and selected from other calls where it was used. The software has enabled investigators to discover crimes that may involve gangs by identifying the involved voices. The software is powerful, and it allows the researcher to know the other inmates that have had conversations with the party if current prisoners are talking to released prisoners and whether the person who called has ever been incarnated.


Securus personnel training and certification

On 28 September 2016, Securus Technologies made a major announcement that 11 of its field specialist received the prestigious BICSI Installer one certification. Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) has members that are certified to install, design, maintain and manage ICT projects. BICSI has supported ICT industry for an extended period in 100 countries. It has served more than 23,000 ICT professional through training as well as publications and conferences.


Danny de Hoyos (Securus Technology’s senior vice president) stated that they settled on BISCI for its staff training and technology growth after carrying out a background check that indicated its adequate support of ICT projects. He also pointed out their strong belief in certification as it brings a top- notch service to their clients. Visit PRNewswire Article for more information.


Forms Easy To Complete With Securus

When my boyfriend was in jail, he had to complete paperwork and forms for visiting the nurse, getting medications or adding someone else onto his visitation list. The jail used Securus as a way for inmates to make phone calls. The company is now trying to make it easier for inmates to get paperwork completed so that there isn’t a long wait time for medical and other issues.


There is a new application that can be used to customize the forms that are needed. Any form can be changed to include the same information instead of the inmate needing to complete a new form. This saves a lot of time with the inmates and the officers who have to verify the information that is given. Securus automates all of the paperwork that is needed, saving time that can be spent on making sure the facility is safe for inmates.


ConnectUs forms can be easily accessed by the inmates when they want to submit a grievance. They no longer have to search for the proper form to complete. They are also able to see the status of the forms that have been completed so that any appeal processes are faster as well.