Nihiwatu- a Luxury Five Star Fortress for Your Next Vacation

After a long, tiresome and fruitful work year, everybody deserves a vacation with family or friends. This is the reason why the established entrepreneur Chris Bruch and his co-founder decided to establish Nihiwatu, a five-star hotel deep in the island of Indonesia.

Nihiwatu is located on the west coast of Sumba, an Indonesian island. Despite its remoteness, the hotel is a marvel to both the area residents and its visitors not only for its outstanding designs but also for its magnificent sceneries. The hotel was initially purchased in 2012 and underwent renovations and upgrades summing up to $30 million before its official launch as a five-star resort in 2015.

Concurring with the best hotel award presented by Travel + Leisure 2016, Nihiwatu is an awesome place to spend your time and valuable resources. The hotel has of 27 private villas. In addition to this is Raja Mendaka, Mr. Burch’s home. Chris’s house is also a fortress on its own with the main house and four villas, each having a private pool. Initially when purchasing the hotel, Burch was seeking for a getaway place for his family, however, with the turn of events, the hotel surpassed his expectations. Despite the Raja Mendaka being a private property, Burch allows his guest to rent it out and get to enjoy the amazing experience of the place.  With reference from

In addition to Chris’s luxury home, Nihiwatu has a lot more to offer the visiting guests. For instance, the luxury resort is characterized with the rich cultural antiques of the Sumba people. Some of the common decorations you are likely to spot around include the Ikat print, the Sumbanese antiques, and food.

Socially, Nihiwatu has had a great impact in the life of its residents. Since its launch in 2015, this luxury resort has provided the local people with lots of job opportunities. Additionally, the hotel also apportions some of its revenues and channels it to the Sumba Foundation. Through this organization, Nihiwatu has been able to fund many different helpful projects within the community.

About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is an excellent, innovative entrepreneur who studied at Ithaca College. While studying, Chris and Bob, his brother, invested USD 2,000 on Eagles Eye Apparel. The establishment had grown more than USD 165 million in assets before it was sold to Swire Group. Other than co-founding Nihiwatu, Chris Burch is the Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. He has significantly contributed to the success of various businesses such as Faena Hotel + Universe, Poppin, and Jawbone.  For more articles about this, refer to

Despite it being located on an isolated island, Nihiwatu Resort has been able to meet and surpass the expectations of its visitors, thanks to Burch’s contribution. With Burch, at its helm of leadership expect this transformational leader with deep expertise in fashion, technology and real estate to make a lasting and impact in the hospitality industry too. To learn more about him, follow this link.

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