Laidlaw Remains In Investment Banking Industry After 170 Years

Today’s economic world remains one that is uncertain and fraught with peril. Some sage advice is always needed and that is where the name Laidlaw comes in.
Laidlaw & Company is an investment banking and brokerage firm. The company is involved in personal and investment portfolios, but also in supporting emerging corporate businesses.

Based in New York City, but also having a presence in the United Kingdom, Laidlaw works in both the private and commercial sector of the investment banking industry. They provide financial advice to their respective clients.

In terms of durability, Laidlaw has been around awhile, having been established in 1842. Since then, they have remained active in providing investing service and advice to parties both domestic and internationally. The company operates under both SEC and FINRA in accordance to its global reach.

Among the advice that Laidlaw reps usually give an acknowledgment that investing isn’t so much an act or a process, but a strategy. The goal is to take one’s money and put it somewhere that can be considered, in terms of finances, safe. That means investing in industries and areas where there is growth and solid return. What once was a little nest egg can grow over time.

According to Wall Street Journal,Laidlaw tends to focus on the healthcare industry. Among its many services, Laidlaw also performs debt placement, acquisition financing, divestitures and mergers, and financial restructuring. Wealth management services are also offered by the company.