Ricardo Tosto: Getting Reliable Representation in Brazil

If you are entering into a business arrangement or contract, you need to seek legal advice. A knowledgeable lawyer can advise you on how to proceed and what to avoid. Having legal documents on record with all parties’ signatures is a very significant step for any kind of business undertaking and relationship, and should not be overlooked.

Taking this step will also ensure not only that each partner’s interests are protected, but also to help avoid business squabbles down the road.

The engagement letter and written contract are often prepared by legal counsel. Furthermore, each party should be represented by his or her own legal counsel to make sure their interests and rights are protected prior to signing.

Each partner should also go over the written contracts to make sure they understand what is involved in the new partnership, what this signifies for them and their investments, and what this suggests for their futures.

Not preparing an engagement letter or written agreement established between the partners is often a common mistake that many startup businesses make, but is also a mistake that can be easily avoided.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho can help you with any business-related legal issue in Brazil. He has been advising and representing companies and professionals in a wide variety of litigation cases and comes highly recommended.

Ricardo Tosto is not only an excellent advocate, but he is also a problem-solver and clever strategist. Ricardo Tosto is a competent attorney and passionate advocate and strives to obtain the best possible outcome for his clients.

He addresses the issue such as the development of entities, partnerships, and agreements and shareholder matters. Ricardo Tosto also takes steps to develop relationships with a diverse client base. Ricardo Tosto takes great pride in discussing resolutions to complex company problems and legal conflicts.

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George Soros: Benefiting from Precious Metals

The US Money Reserve is the largest distributors of precious metals like gold, silver and platinum in the form of government issued coins. Philip N. Diehl, the president of the US Money Reserve, initiated the 50 quarter program and also the platinum coin making him one of the best directors of Mint in this era. After joining the money reserve, his first objective was to change completely the customer services in the Mint. This overhaul earned the entity the second best among all federal agencies that offer quality customer relations. All his efforts made the Mint over $2.5 billion in his final year as the director.
The Mint was formed by veterans of the gold markets. They needed a quality entity that had expertise in the precious metals markets, and it was required to offer guidance on the same. Today, the US Money Reserve has acquired trust from many customers due to the quality and ability to deliver the metals in their perfect state. It is made up of a team of experts dedicated to ensuring that all customers receive proper guidance about silver, gold and platinum for a number of years. Metals are offered in the form of bars, coins and bullion such as the ½ oz. gold American Eagle coin that trades for $668.75, 1 oz. Australian Gold Philharmonic that sells for $1267.07, the 1 oz. W Burnished Silver American Eagle Coin, the 1-kilo gold bar for $39643.25 among others.
Owning precious metals is the best way to safeguard wealth during economic turmoil. Over the years, gold and platinum have proved to be the best form of storing assets. History also shows that paper money has crashed a number times, and it is under the mercies of the governments. However, gold is very limited and not commanded by any law due to its scarcity. It is anticipated that the price of gold will rise in the coming years and owners of the precious metal will benefit. Governments too are safeguarding their economies by acquiring gold and therefore you should also join the suit to have a secure future. Quality is not compromised in the US Money Reserve, but it is measured, and all coins suit their equivalent paper money worth. We also deliver for free for orders that are above $25000 to all corners of the world. If a customer is not satisfied by their shipments, they are given 30 days to return the coin so long as it is still in the sealed container and a full reimbursement will be done.

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The Benefits of the US Money Reserve

The money reserve in the United States is one of the largest distributors that distributes gold, silver, as well as platinum. All of these distributed coins are distributed to the public on behalf of the US Mint. The US Mint is fully backed by the government of the United States because of the fact that the US Mint offers one of a kind weight as well as purity in every single product. This means that every client that purchases these offered metals is guaranteed to have the best quality gold, silver, and platinum that are in accordance with the Gold Standard.

The US money reserve was founded by gold market veterans who have had the incentive to combine customer service, market knowledge of the sold items, as well as trustworthy guidance that is necessary when in the market for precious metals. Currently this company is one of the nation’s largest distributors of these metals. The money reserve has served hundreds of thousands of clients who have found use in precious metals not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for monetary and financial purposes. Clients of the US money reserve understand the company’s expertise and their ability to choose the coin with the highest monetary value for the right price.

Some of the most knowledgeable individuals of this company include:

•Senior Gold Specialists

•Industry Leading Numismatic Expert

•Customer Relations Department

•Business Support Development

•Inventory Department

•Vault and Shipping Department

•Coin Research Professionals

The US money reserve believes that precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum are metals that promote long-term wealth. Obtaining this precious metal is a symbol that the more work that is put in, the more reward is received. When looking to purchase a gold coin, it is important to analyze the advantages in doing so. One of the biggest advantages in buying gold coins or any precious metals is the fact that these coins do not just have paper value, but also have a true market value that is not a stagnant value. In addition to this, if any client is not satisfied with the value of the coin, the US money reserve promises money back. Customers who are gold and precious metal collectors constantly want to purchase these metals from the US money reserve. This branch is both helpful and reliable in helping every single client.

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Madison Street Capital Nominated For Cross-Border Deal Of The Year

Recently, Madison Street Capital received the honor of being nominated for the Cross-Border Deal of the Year. The honor was to recognize their acquisition of FabTrol Systems by AVEVA, which was started by Madison Street Capital. Karl D’Cuhja and Jay Rodgers, both senior level executives of Madison Street Capital, initiated the deal.
Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that handles global accounts. They aim to help enable their clients to succeed in the international markets by delivering financial, merger and acquisition advice as well as research and investing information. They specialize in capital restricting, buy outs, bankruptcy, and private placement advisory services. The company believes that the emerging markets serve as the base ingredient that pushes global growth for all their clients and they aim to continue focusing important assets on these markets. Some of their clients include Bond Medial Group Inc, Central Iowa Energy, LLC and Fiber Science, Inc. The company is based out of Chicago, Illinois.
Madison Street Capital has recognized the honor and is please to know that their peers in the industry have seen their good work they preform for their clients and chosen them to be nominated. Madison Street Capital CEO Charles Botchway has also said that the deal will benefit both FabTrol and Aveva in the future. Fabtrol has been a dependable name in the market of fabrication management software and this merge will help to boost AVEVA’s group of products they are currently offering.
On November 17th the 14th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Gala will happen in the New York Athletic Club and the winners will be announced. M&A Advisor was created in 1998 and serves to provide intelligence and insight on acquisitions and mergers. Through their seventeen year history they have served in building a premier network in the financial world when it comes to mergers, acquisitions, financing professionals and restructuring.

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Madison Street Capital’s Exec Wins Prestigious Award


Recently, The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analyst (NACVA) recognized Anthony Marsala, who is the Chief Operating Officer and a co-founder of Madison Street Capital, as one of the 40 Under Forty recognition program for this year. All the nominees for this prestigious award are under 40 years old, and the competition was overwhelmed in fierceness, making the decision very difficult. This award was given to the next generation makers and shakers who had made great advances in regards to mergers and acquisitions, expert witness testimony, litigation consulting, business valuation, financial forensics and other relatable professions. These group of great talent were chosen by the executive staff of the CTI and NACVA, in which this program is design to give an opportunity and a voice for the industry mavericks of the next generation. These group of individuals have truly proven to be great contributors to their communities, professions, etc., and they were chosen among 125 nominees. These group of extraordinary leaders will also be featured in various press releases, such as the QuickReadBuzz Blog, NACVA’s Association News, and The Value Examiner.

The Consultants’ Training Institute (CTI) and The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVAs) were founded on superior quality and excellence. Both organizations are also founded on visionary leadership that ranges across all the spectrums of financial consulting and accounting professions, in which possesses the spirit of pioneering.

Among being a superb driving force of Madison Street Capital, LLC. Anthony Marsala has proven to extraordinary in other ways as well. For one, he graduated from Loyola University of Chicago, majoring in both Information Systems and Finance. He also obtained a master’s degree in Strategy at the University of Oxford. He is a member of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA). He is also a member of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analytics (NACVA). Additionally, his leadership speaks even more volumes in observing the success and establishment of his company, Madison Street Capital, LLC.

His company is an international banking firm that is committed to service, leadership, excellence, and integrity for the delivery of corporate financial advisory services, valuation services, etc. This company serves both private and publicly held companies. They always work hard for their clients to succeed globally, by them taking on the objectives and goals of their clients. And as result, they have established a great reputation and trust among their clients worldwide, for they always display the highest level in professionalism and standards. For more information concerning Anthony Marsala and the distinguished program, 40 Under Forty, it can be retrieved at Chicago Tribune.

Griffin’s Unbreakable Spirit in the Business World

With the changes that the world has been experiencing especially in the business world, we are in a better economic platform compared to the ancient days. The business industry has changed and every structure and aspect of it has changed. This has led to a very developed economic situation and a diverse trading environment that has increased the level of business and the transactions thereof. In actual sense, the world has become a very complex economic environment especially considering the development in technology. Technology and the internet have both led to the possibility of a globalized village and this has transformed the world in major aspect.

As the world transforms and as it changes into the new global outlook, there is an area of business that is emerging very strongly. This is the financial market that is a very complex aspect of business today. As the economic structure of the world continues to expand and as it responds to changes, the demand for financial advisors and capital investment experts is actually rising all over the world. This is where people like Mr. Kenneth C. Griffin come in. Griffin is a capital management expert on valuewalk.com and he has been in the business for year now.

Being alumni of the Harvard University, Griffin has been well groomed to deal with the challenges of business in real life situations. He began showing interest in the business world while as a student in the university and his passion grew so strong that he began to attract the attention of other established investors around him. Of them who also played a major role in launching Griffin into the business world was Frank Meyer. By then, Frank Meyer was a well-known investor and an established businessman and he was very impressed by Griffin’s vigor and passion for business.

Griffin’s passion for business and his ambitions won him a significant deal where Meyer agree to launch his idea in the business world by supporting him in a sponsorship deal. In fact, he loaned the young Griffin a whopping $1 million and challenged him to make who out of it. Just like his character would have it, Griffin did not disappoint with this challenge. He did his research and invested the money and eventually, they were both going home a happy lot. The investor got his money back and some returns on it, while Griffin got a business running and his share of the returns.

Griffin was a very ambitious young man back then and even to today. He wanted to have his own business and this he had to achieve not matter what. That’s when he started working from one company to the next saving up the little he could with the intention of getting some reasonable amounts to start his own business. Eventually, he was able to save enough capital and with the help of his close friends and family, he collected enough money to start a company that has grown to become one of the greatest capital management companies in the world, Citadel.

Brian Mulligan: A Man and his Vision

Brian Mulligan is an American business man with an eclectic background in the entertainment industry having headed up television networks and cable companies and other various media and entertainment outlets. He served as the CEO of Brooknol Advisors, LLC, an investment and advisory firm specializing in entertainment and media, the Seagram Company, LTD in charge of all strategic and business matters, Cerberus Capital Management, LP as Senior Executive Advisor of entertainment and media.

His primary focus is business management, developing financial strategies for a variety of projects in film, sports, music recording and publishing, video games, theme parks, as well as structuring and restructuring companies for the long term. He has earned his share of accolades including awards and recognition from Premier Magazine and the Hollywood Business Journal acknowledging his work for media and entrainment companies. His tenacity and business acumen brought those companies great success because of his skill and expertise as a business strategist.

Brian Mulligan also writes about sports and has written articles about the importance of volunteering as a way to get a foothold in the sports door, as well as penning a few well thought out suggestions to help the sport of golf gain in popularity. He also wrote about how brands build sports more than a talented athlete.

He holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Southern California University and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the business Graduate School of Management at the University of California in Los Angeles.

He is also a community minded individual and supports a number of charities including “A Better LA,” he helped raised more than $90 million for schools, St. Jude City of Hope, a United Way Foundation, the local YMCA, USC and the UCLA Chancellors Associates. He has also served as a coach in a youth football league and travel basketball programs and was the youth baseball commissioner. He firmly believes a strong community elevates everyone to a level of personal betterment and strength. Being involved with youth sports gave him the opportunity to advocate for team work, perseverance and never let defeat get in the way. It is important to be a good loser and gracious winner and take every losing situation and finding a lesson.

Mr. Mulligan’s overall strategy for life is to study hard, work smart and develop a strong character. Never be afraid to take risks and to step out from beyond the comfort zone to try something new. He considers himself a very fortunate man and strives to give back so others may experience the level of success he has achieved.

Is Russia Losing The Economic War With The United States?

How the Russian/American love-hate relationship got started in the first place is a good question. The Russians were American allies during World War II. Some economists claim if it weren’t for the Russians, Germany would have won the war. Russian leaders have always been a topic of conversation in the United States, and the Russian economy is always a measuring stick for what may happen to America’s economy. If that’s true, the United States is in for some tough economic times because Russia is having some major economic issues at the moment. Even though there has been a major currency collapse in Russia, the United States decided to penalize the Russian economy a little more by agreeing to sanctions. The United States is standing behind their commitment to the Ukraine and is supporting the sanctions because Russia is imposing its will on the people of the Ukraine.

Economists say the sanctions could produce a nine percent drop in Russia’s gross domestic product. That is in addition to the economic downturn that has happened over the past year, according to Christian Broda on chicagobooth.edu, an international economic expert and managing director of Duquesne Capital Management. According to Broda, the Saudis and the Americans got together and reduce the price of oil to hurt Russian finances. But even though the Western countries imposed sanctions against Russia, the economy seems to be stabilizing according to Broda. Broda says it’s not the time to invest in Russia because the stability may be short-lived. One reason is Russia is fighting back. That’s what the Russians do, according to Broda. Russia has banned most of Western food products in retaliation for the West restricting technology exports and halting financing for Russian energy companies and banks.

The real question is who is winning the economic war? Is the United States and its allies winning, or is the Russian economy adjusting itself thanks to the sanctions. It appears the Russian economy is adjusting itself. Broda and other economists say the International Monetary Fund claims Russia’s economy will grow next year, and their weak currency will increase their competiveness and the demand for Russian products. The IMF also thinks the financial conditions in Russia will be back to normal in 2016.

There are no winners in a political battle that hurts people. There are no winners when governments fight an economic war because people adjust to sanctions, and when that happens economies adjust. The only losers in that kind of war are the political power-brokers on both sides that can only solve issues by throwing economic stones in order to prove who has the biggest stones.

What Owners of Investment Banks Do

Besides running investment banks of all sizes and making sure that they are working in the most efficient ways, owners of investment firms have other things going on and other major events. Owners of businesses are often used to working very hard and making advancements in different areas of their lives. Owners of investment banks do get a bit of recognition for the work that they do. Running any business can be hard and very risky. The same could be said for businesses that deal directly with business and finances. People that manage it tend to be looked at with recognition for their efforts.

One investment bank owner who has gotten a lot of recognition is James Dondero. Recently he was appointed to Board of Directors by NexPoint Residential Trust. He is now Chairman of the Board being recognized as the co-founder who has proven himself with over 30 years of experience in the industry. He has been appointed to work with Arthur Laffer, who is another recognized person in the industry. Donero has been appointed to serve as president of the company.

Some investment bank owners have a lot on the table. They have to make sure that all areas of their investment banking firms are working well. They have to keep up with all of the transactions being made in the company. Also, the three main offices of the larger firms have to be managed well so that there are no big problems in the offices. For this reason, many presidents or co-founders of banks hire others in order to help with the work that needs to be done. They get to make sure that mergers, acquisitions, buy side transactions and sell side transactions are carried out with no flaws.

Running an investment banking firm is actually hard and complex work. It requires the help of a ton of experts to be able to identify a potential problem and take steps in order to handle the problems before it gets out of control. In the end, the most important thing is that the clients are taken care of in a satisfactory manager.