How “Productive Paranoia” Helps John Goullet

It’s surprising sometimes just what inspires an entrepreneur to become most productive, and in John Goullet’s case he describes “productive paranoia” as being an ingredient in the success of his business. Goullet is the Executive Principal of Diversant, LLC, a company that recruits and connects IT job candidates with companies looking to fill voids in their IT departments. Accoding to Goullet in an interview with Ideamensch, “productive paranoia” is the belief that as your competitors are always closer behind you than you think so you cannot relax when you’ve been ahead in marketing no matter how long. Goullet has been in the IT industry for some time and is constantly researching how to mesh the trends in IT with labor market demands.


John Goullet founded his company in 1994, though it was originally known as Info Technologies prior to changing its name. He had previously been a consultant for computer service companies and wanted to start a platform that could make finding IT workers easier for clients. Info Technologies was able to get started with minimal capital but in five years was valued at $30 million, an accomplishment that was noted by Inc. Magazine. Info Technologies became known as Diversant, LLC when Goullet formed a partnership with Gene Waddy, the founder of another IT staffing company.


Diversant got its name because its mission has been to form a diverse work group out of various college graduates and people from urban communities. Goullet and Waddy have made the company part of various initiatives such as UNITY, a program for supplying a workforce that meets regulations requiring equal opportunity. Diversant also has partnered with STAR and NOVA, two veterans assistance programs that help veterans obtain training and connections to IT civilian jobs. Diversant is also active in the community as a partner of the Harlem Business Alliance and Black Data Processing Associates.