Joseph Bismark and the Spiritual Workforce Revolution


You may not have heard of Joseph Bismark but he is one of the most important members behind the scenes for QI Group. For almost the past decade he has been serving as the Managing Director for QI and doing it in such a way that people have begun to take notice. Bismark isn’t what you would call a typical Managing Director with much of his focus going to maintaining a level head and spiritual presence both in the office and outside of it. His unique blend of new age and old school ideas made him the perfect person for a feature in asPire Magazine, as reported by Yahoo News.

A trip to Joseph Bismarck’s office would yield quite an interesting encounter for most employees of QI Group. Bismark doesn’t believe in the old school brimstone and hellfire way of doing things. He instead follows a very interesting set of tenets based around his own vedic philosophies. He exudes calmness and an aura of welcoming, all while pushing each employee to be the best version of themselves that they possibly could be. His commitment to an open office comes from his own focus on maintaining his body and mind in a clear and present place.

Outside of the office you would typically run into Joseph Bismark while he is at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga where he serves as a Yoga Master. It is here that he helps to spread the benefits of Yoga in a way that even beginners can latch onto and understand. His advocacy for Yoga comes from his firm belief that your mind and soul can benefit from finding the relaxation and zen within and it is a key part as to why he incorporates it into his day to day lives.

Joseph knows and understands that you have a responsibility both to yourself and the world around you to chip in where you can and that is why he devotes so much time to the RHYTHM Foundation, which is the QI Group’s social responsibility arm. Of his intense and active life Bismark says, “I believe in the importance of immersing ourselves in as many physical and mental activities as we can.” He goes on to explain that he keeps busy so that he stays sharp, knowing that a busy life is a well utilized one. It is for these reasons that he has made such an impact at the QI Group.