Top Notch Cleaning Services Provider – Handy

Nothing says “Spring is here!” quite like cleaning does. Spring cleaning is a chance to get rid of the stuffiness and dust that came with winter, open the doors to a fresh breeze, and enjoy the comfort of a clean, fresh home. With so much going on in the world today, who has time for all that cleaning? A revolutionary, affordable, top notch cleaning company does, that’s for sure.

Offering background screened cleaning professionals, Handy is taking the mobile cleaning industry by storm. While they offer other services, such as home handyman, electrical, and plumbing services, consumers have shown that the demand for cleaning services is growing. With Spring in the air, Handy is sending their cleaners out in full force as the company revenue has grown to one million dollars a week. Offering services in 25 U.S. cities, Canada, and London, those who are in need of a high end, professional cleaner likely won’t have to look too far.

With a variety of deep cleaning options, Handy professionals deep clean their customer’s home to the highest standards. A standard bedroom and common area cleaning offers dusting, surface and glass cleaning, floor cleaning, and garbage removal. Bathrooms will shine after a full disinfection of all surfaces, dusting, floor cleaning, and glass cleaning as well as trash removal. The kitchen will look fresh and welcoming to cook in after it is thoroughly wiped down, floors are mopped, trash is taken out, appliance exteriors are cleaned, and the dishes are done. For those wanting miscellaneous services, a Handy professional will also clean the inside of the fridge, cabinets, and oven, while washing clothes and interior windows.

Handy has provided quality services for thousands of home and company owners, and the demand for their services is growing. There is no need to waste time trying to knock out tedious Spring cleaning anymore. Not when a company like Handy is around to provide quality cleaning with top of the line, background screened professionals. Hire a trusted Handy cleaning professional to get the winter blues out of the house and welcome Spring in with a fresh, deep cleaning.

US Money Reserve Launches CrowdRise Humanitarian Campaign


There is ably nothing more important than humanitarian causes, such as feeding the hungry and giving back to communities in need. With that sentiment in mind U.S. Money Reserve recently launched a feed the hungry campaign on Crowdwise. According to Digital Journal all donations collected during the campaign are donated to the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas in their efforts to assist the disadvantaged of Central Texas. The U.S. Money Reserve recently invited their network of customers and clients to donate to the fund.

Capitol Area Food Bank of Texas provides hunger relief through hundreds of agencies in Central Texas. This includes 21 different counties. Since 2010 the food bank has provided 25-31 million pounds of food to families in need. Now, in their 30th year of service, they hope to raise even more money, and help even more families in the region.

This is not the first time the U.S. Money Reserve have helped others through humanitarian efforts. Their involvement spans many similar projects over the years, and includes donations to the Make A Wish Foundation, which helps children suffering from sickness and terminal disease. They have also donated money to several nonprofit charities and organizations over the years.

The company is a U.S distributor of U.S. government issued precious metal coins, including gold, silver and platinum. They offer expert guidance and advise clients in the best possible investment, and the highest value of precious metals. Their expert knowledge has gained them a reputation of trust in the money market.

The company retains highly trained experts, such as coin researchers, Numismatic experts, and gold specialists that provide a type of high quality professionalism for clients and customers. They have assisted hundreds of thousands of people obtain the highest valued U.S. issued coins, and continue to provide advanced knowledge and customer service in precious metals.

Express yourself through your makeup

Makeup has risen to the height of popularity within recent years. Many makeup Gurus have taken to Instagram and YouTube to demonstrate all the celebrity secret makeup routines. This spike in makeup lovers has also brought on a new wave of cosmetic lines. One cosmetic line that skyrocketed to fame is Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a Los Angeles based cosmetic company that provides a variety of unique, beautiful products. We’ll explore how Lime Crime rose to fame as well as what products they offer.

Lime Crime was created by fashionista entrepreneur Doe Deere of Deere has always had a passion for fashion; she once attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. After a while of studying fashion, Deere realized the school just wasn’t for her and the best way to learn would be hands on. She left the institute and started exploring the world of fashion on her own as well as creating DIY products. As a side hobby she started selling her DIY fashion clothing on EBay and received rave reviews. Her fresh and fun color schemes stood out and made her an early on internet sensation.

After many smaller online successes Deere was ready to take her fashion dreams to the next level. In interviews she would talk about her love for bright colors and often referenced mermaids and princesses. In 2008 she decided to take a leap of faith and invest her money into starting a brilliantly colorful cosmetic line, Lime Crime. Everything was rainbows, glitter and pastels. Unlike anything that was on the market at that time, Deere’s products stood out in the crowd.

These bright and fun colors really set a new standard in the cosmetic industry. Most people at that time used makeup as an enhancer and nothing more. With the variety of rich, playful colors people everywhere can now use makeup as a form of expression. As her business grew Deere teamed up with other investors and continued to grow her business.

Lime Crime offers many products for your lips, eyes and nails. The lip products are some of the more popular ones. Many YouTube beauty gurus promote Lime Crime by reviewing the products. The best part of the Lime Crime website is their look book. Sometimes trying something new can be a scary experience but the Look Book helps out with that. You can browse photos of women wearing the products in different outfits and styles. This allows the buyer to be inspired prior to purchasing.

So many people strive to start their own business and become successful, only few accomplish this dream. Doe Deere worked very hard on many entrepreneurial endeavors before finding her niche. She is truly and inspiration to young women everywhere that if you stay persistent and work towards your dreams you can accomplish anything.

Why You Would Also Like To Work With Joseph Bismark

QI Group of companies, that is the mother company to QNet has been recognized as a United Nations Global Compact Network respected member. The Group has also been included in the list of the latest organizations that are signatories and that belong to the largest corporate sustainability initiative in the world. According to Yahoo Finance, QI pledged to adopt a responsible business and sustainable practice guided by the latest International CSR Summit conference that was held in Singapore.

The UNGC is a policy initiative for businesses and corporates that seeks to align their actions and strategies guided by not less than ten principles that are universally accepted involving anti-corruption, human rights, labor, and the environment. The QI Group took advantage of this initiative to show its commitment to good and sustainable practices for business, development and social studies.

To receive the recognition certificate was QI Group’s Managing Director, Mr. Joseph Bismark. He said the certification was an honor and privilege and that it goes in tandem with the group’s commitment to improving functions in all key areas like human rights, labor rights, anti-corruption and the environment.

The corporate world is where everyone is busy doing their things. Many people are inclined to climb the corporate ladder but along the way, they forget other important elements like spirituality and self-growth. In the busy corporate world, it is hard to find a sense of brotherhood, spirituality or even peace of mind because everyone is busy. However, Joseph Bismark has managed to combine both spirituality and the corporate world. Through his leadership, he has been able to take the QI Group to bigger heights through his enduring spirit and innovative leadership. He has captivated millions of people with his unique approach to running the business and also his awesome profit ideas.

All this can be attributed to his unique experience when growing. When he was just nine years old, he left the comfort of his home and left for the Philippines mountains to become a monk. He spent time in the mountains till he was seventeen and upon returning, he immediately entered the corporate world with a hope that what he had learned would be of great impact.

He practiced business using the principles he had learned in the mountains and rose to become the Managing Director of the Group. He has a firm belief that everyone can become an important team member if treated as such. At work, he encourages people to work together as a team to achieve better results.

Brian Mulligan: A Man and his Vision

Brian Mulligan is an American business man with an eclectic background in the entertainment industry having headed up television networks and cable companies and other various media and entertainment outlets. He served as the CEO of Brooknol Advisors, LLC, an investment and advisory firm specializing in entertainment and media, the Seagram Company, LTD in charge of all strategic and business matters, Cerberus Capital Management, LP as Senior Executive Advisor of entertainment and media.

His primary focus is business management, developing financial strategies for a variety of projects in film, sports, music recording and publishing, video games, theme parks, as well as structuring and restructuring companies for the long term. He has earned his share of accolades including awards and recognition from Premier Magazine and the Hollywood Business Journal acknowledging his work for media and entrainment companies. His tenacity and business acumen brought those companies great success because of his skill and expertise as a business strategist.

Brian Mulligan also writes about sports and has written articles about the importance of volunteering as a way to get a foothold in the sports door, as well as penning a few well thought out suggestions to help the sport of golf gain in popularity. He also wrote about how brands build sports more than a talented athlete.

He holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Southern California University and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the business Graduate School of Management at the University of California in Los Angeles.

He is also a community minded individual and supports a number of charities including “A Better LA,” he helped raised more than $90 million for schools, St. Jude City of Hope, a United Way Foundation, the local YMCA, USC and the UCLA Chancellors Associates. He has also served as a coach in a youth football league and travel basketball programs and was the youth baseball commissioner. He firmly believes a strong community elevates everyone to a level of personal betterment and strength. Being involved with youth sports gave him the opportunity to advocate for team work, perseverance and never let defeat get in the way. It is important to be a good loser and gracious winner and take every losing situation and finding a lesson.

Mr. Mulligan’s overall strategy for life is to study hard, work smart and develop a strong character. Never be afraid to take risks and to step out from beyond the comfort zone to try something new. He considers himself a very fortunate man and strives to give back so others may experience the level of success he has achieved.

Yeonmi Park Continues to Inspire as Global Voice of Human Rights

At age 21, Yeonmi Park on youtube stands as an inspiration for global freedom. She lived a very difficult childhood growing up under the brutal and mysterious dictatorship of North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, but now she is free and telling her story about human rights and the struggle that continues around the world.

Looking at her happy smiling face, it is unfathomable to believe that Miss Yeonmi Park and her mother were once sold into human trafficking after they escaped to China. It was an ugly business and reality that she recounted to the

“I never knew what human trafficking was, and I couldn’t imagine how people could sell other people. I couldn’t not believe they were negotiating price before my eyes,” said Miss Park. “The man who bought me said if I became his mistress, he would buy my mother and my father. And so I became his mistress to see my mother and father again.”

When her father arrived in China, he quickly became ill and died of cancer. Miss Park and her mother realized it was time to flee China, and that they did one quiet night with several others. They risked their lives walking and even crawling across the extremely cold Gobi desert in minus-40 degree temperatures with merely a compass and the stars to the north for freedom. They finally reached Monoglia where they sought refuge in the South Korean Embassy.

This is an incredible story of courage, determination and the pure thirst for freedom, and one that Miss Park has written a moving book about. It’s called, In Order to Live, and goes on sale at book stores on September 29th. Miss Park will begin a book signing tour in major cities starting on October 1st with her first engagement kicking off in New York City at The Korea Society on Third Avenue. It would not surprise many if this extraordinary account were turned into a movie at some point.

The human rights activist wants to share her long and personal struggle for others around the world to see and appreciate:

….”Freedom allowed me to have a voice. I want to use this voice, and I want everyone else to use their voice, too……The people in North Korea have hope. They love their parents and their sons. These people are just like us. They deserve what we deserve here.”

Miss Park’s graciousness and integrity are quite sophisticated for a woman of 21, but then again, few have lived her story, survived it and been able to talk about it freely.

To learn more about Yeonmi Park, visit her website at

Build a Successful Real Estate Career With The 990 Company

The 990 Company is a successful real estate program that was founded by Greg Hague. His experience and expertise of 35 years in the real estate business has built a company that delivers results. The 990 Company is an effective and proven program that give agents the opportunity to built a successful real estate career.

Full service realtors can join the nationwide community and benefit from the unique ideas and processes, which help improve selling skills. Once agents are members of the 990 Company, they need to market to people selling their homes. They give home sellers the choice of selling at a lower commission price of $999.00. This commission is in addition to the average commission profit.

There are some requirements that sellers need to follow in order to pay the lower commission price. They need to do their own marketing through different avenues such as open house. Interested buyers can’t be going through a real estate agent. The seller refers potential buyers to an agent of the 990 Company, who handles the selling process. This means the sellers aren’t the ones that are selling their home. The real estate agents of the 990 company will do the selling.

Real estate agents associated with the 990 Company can make an excellent income even with the $990.00 commission. If buyers decide not to buy from 990 sellers, agents can help them find the perfect home to suit their needs and lifestyles. This means agents can also earn higher priced commissions. Satisfied sellers that appreciate the lower priced commission, often recommend 990 Company agents to many other people selling their homes.

Knowledge is important in order to learn anything really well. The 990 Company offers tips, articles and other useful information to help agents increase their selling abilities and succeed in the real estate industry. Most realtors don’t know this information, which gives 990 sells homes real estate agents an advantage over their competition.

Brian Mulligan – The face of Digital Media, Entertainment, and Sports Advisory Industry

When it comes to Media, Entertainment, and Sports advisory platform, you are less likely to miss Brian Mulligan. Forget about his unbiased sports opinions that typically feature every month in “The Fields of Green,” he’s an acclaimed personality in the media and entertainment industry where he has served for over three decades and was even instrumental in over $175 billion transactions in the industry.

Brian Mulligan has worked as a CEO, Chair, CFO and COO and many other capacities for almost every major media and entertainment house including Universal Pictures and Universal Television, FOX Broadcasting among other firms. His knowledge and prowess in various positions in media and entertainment combined with years of experience in this industry, and coupled with several academic accolades have boosted his name in the industry.

After working for all the many houses, this 55-year-old media magnate finally founded Brooknol Advisors, where he’s currently attached as their CEO. He’s a BBA degree graduate from the University of Southern California and holds an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management. His long-standing reputation includes unmatched excellence in Sports, Film, Music Publishing, TV, Cable, Recorded Music, Video Games, Theme Parks, International Entertainment, and many other specialties, what his firm are typically involved.

Besides working as a professional office employee, he’s a celebrated industry speaker on entertainment, sports, and up-and-coming businesses where he transverses across the larger US. He has even featured in “One of the 50 Most Powerful People in Hollywood” Premiere Magazine, “One of the Ten Most Prominent Bankers in Hollywood” in Los Angeles Business Journal, and TMT Quarterly/Law 360’s “One of the Leading Investment Bankers on Emerging Business Models.”

Unlike other successful personalities in the Media, Entertainment, and Sports industry, Mr. Mulligam is actively involved in many charity organizations in the US. In fact, he helped raise over $90 million for schools and scholarships, extending his philanthropic arm. In his regular sports opinions, he majorly focuses on different trending topics in sports, where he tries to fuse business, entertainment, and sports.

On the flip side, Mr. Mulligam served as the commissioner of youth basketball leagues, coached youth tackle football, and even basketball during his earlier years. With all these roles, Mr. Brian Mulligan has tremendously grown to be, not just a public figure and an advisor but a role model in the media and entertainment circles. From the humble beginning to over 30 years in service, it’s clear that he’s poised to achieve more.

If You Want To Write For Wikipedia You Must Follow The Rules

Writing for Wikipedia is a somewhat challenging assignment because you have to follow very specific rules. There’s no possible way you can just “wing it” without paying attention to the style and viewpoint requirements that Wikipedia has implemented. The website has very strict rules about the content that is published on its domain.

Wikipedia is such a famous website largely because their pages follow a standard format. Visitors to the site know what to expect from the articles the find. This consistency is not a mistake. Instead, it’s the result of a large team of editors who monitor the website for any changes to pages and then edit them. When they find a change that is not up their standards, they disallow it. They can also ban the account or IP address of any person who they deem is violating their rules. Many people who have tried to push in edits that did not make the grade have found that out.

If you do familiarize yourself with the requirements, get onto Wikipedia via getyourwiki is not going to a be a problem. You need to learn about their syntax, style requirements, and their stance on neutrality. Once you have mastered these basics, you’ll be better prepared to add to their pages. If you follow all the rules to the letter you will be able to edit as you please. Of course, you won’t have any reason to do this unless you’re bringing in new information that’s not already included on the site. That’s getting harder to do since Wikipedia has been around so long and is now very comprehensive. Still, editors are always needed in new and specialized niches.

Devote some time to learning the markup language that Wikipedia uses. After that, you need to delve into the weighty topics of their style manual. The markup is a bit different than what you’re used to, so you’ll want to spend some time soaking that information in. If you’re willing to put in the effort, it will be worth your while. Editing and writing for Wikipedia are fun and challenging. Volunteers are contributing to a website experiment that is unlike anything else. It’s a rewarding feeling to see your work published on one of the busiest sites online. Wikipedia has withstood the test of time, in large part due to its high standards for content. Follow the right format on all your submissions and you can join the winning team.