Vijay Eswaran Embarks on a Successful Endeavor

In the year 1998, Vijay Eswaran co-founded the QI Group. The companies have a diverse business which ranges from telecommunication, leisure and lifestyle, retail and direct sale, education among others.

Presently,he is the executive chairperson of the QI Group of companies. His record in working for leading companies such as IBM is quite impressive. He held responsible positions in Europe, Australia, US, and Canada just before his return to Asia when he decided to become an entrepreneur.

Together with individuals that had the same vision as him, he founded a selling and training company that has grown over the years to become a multi-business conglomerate. The QI Group has regional offices in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. It also has subsidiary companies in more than 30 countries. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

Vijay is a globally recognized motivational speaker. He lectures around the globe on a variety of subjects be it on spiritual matters or even business.

As a speaker, he has offered his advice to management, business and leadership forums such as the Commonwealth Business Forums and World Economic Forum. He has also spoken at various universities. Read more: Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group

Besides being a motivational speaker, Vijay Eswaran is a philanthropist. He has continued to give back to the community through foundations he founded such as RHYTHM Foundation and Corporate Social Responsibility, which is an arm of QI Group and whose activities of philanthropy are conducted all over the world. In Malaysia, he has two foundations; RF’s local chapter and the Vijayaratnam Foundation which he founded in honor of his father.

The organizations work together with NGOs and charity organizations on projects that aim at mentoring children, youth development, women empowerment as well as special education. All these are areas that Vijay Eswaran holds at heart. In 2011, Vijay Eswaran featured in the Forbes yearly list of Heroes of Philanthropy.

Vijay Eswaran is an excellent author who has written Sphere of Silence, a book that highlights on life management and has been hailed in various countries and multiple languages.

He also wrote In the Thinking Zone and On the Wings of Thought. Eswaran is a contributor to newspaper columns in Sri Lanka and Malaysia.