Elle Magazine Gets Familiar with Fabletics in Kate Hudson Interview

There are times when a celebrity can become associated with a brand and they start to overshadow the brand. People pay a lot of attention to the celebrity, but they don’t really engage in learning more about the brand. Kate Hudson, co-founder of Fabletics, doesn’t really have this type of problem. She is a celebrity, but she hasn’t won Oscars or become a big blockbuster star. She has made some romantic comedies that have given her the celebrity status, and she has famous mother – Goldie Hawn – that also makes people familiar with who she is. This is just the right amount of celebrity appeal to market a brand like Fabletics without overshadowing the brand with her celebrity status.

Hudson has not been seen in any movies in years, but she has starred in a few Fabletics commercials. There are funny commercials that lots of women can relate to with their workout gear. Elle magazine caught up with Hudson to find out how the actress who is now moonlighting as a business woman got started.

Kate has revealed to Elle magazine interviewer Kristin Studeman that she had a desire to bring clothing to women that was stylish but still affordable. She has revealed many times that her search for fashionable clothing was a struggle. Hudson saw a void in the industry because she felt that much of the clothing that was out there for gym wear wasn’t really something that people could get comfortable in. If they could not get comfortable they could not work out. That is why Hudson and her male co-founding partners got together to do something about this.

Kate has proven that she is serious about this business, and she knows about how the company can transition. The website has been great, but now all of the talk is about the new stores that are popping up in different locations throughout the United States.

The Spring/Summer 2016 line of Fabletics clothing is also getting a lot of buzz. Kate has a new active wear line, and that is just the beginning of the assortment of clothes that Kate is modeling.

It would be difficult for many women to promote this type of brand because they don’t have the six pack abs that Hudson has. Women can believe in this brand because they see Kate, and they know that she is serious about working out.
Wach their Youtube video.


Current Market a Repeat of 2008 Crisis According to Famed Investor George Soros


We are only a few days in to 2016 and it already looks like it will be a rocky year. Famed billionaire investor George Soros is proclaiming that he sees echos of the 2008 crisis in the current market. At an investment event in Sri Lanka recently, Soros mentioned that the extreme debt levels in China, Europe and the US, along with collapsing commodity prices, spelled potential doom for global economy.

According to Soros and most other investors, the 2008 crisis occurred due to sub-prime debt, over investment in the housing market and too much investment in exotic securitized financial products. Today, the greatest risk is also in bad debt. However, this time the debt is much larger and issue by governments so the risk is much greater.

That is especially true in China. AFter the 2008 crisis, exports to Europe and the US went down dramatically. To boost the economy, the government unleashed a massive amount of lending and fiscal stimulus in to the economy. In fact, the banking system grew to three times the size of the economy whereas the US banking system is one times the economy. At the same time, the growth rate in China is beginning to slow naturally as the population growth slows and incremental technology improvements slow. As a result, it is becoming tougher and tougher to pay off the huge debts that government issued in 2008. Now, new debt growth is slowing and the economy is at a stand still. The stock market already crashed in 2015 and is now crashing again. Unless the government gets a handle on its debt loan, it could spark a contagion around the world.

As debt growth slows around the world and economies put on the breaks, the price of commodities is also collapsing. Many countries that depend on commodities (especially oil and gas) are now have trouble financing their daily operations. Even worse, some of the debt they have issued is in danger.

The countries with the greatest risk of debt default include Venezuela, Zimbabwe and Argentina. However, other much larger countries are showing signs of strains. Brazil contracted 3.5% in 2015 due to the decrease in commodity prices. Also, the fallout from a bribery scandal and massive wasted investment in a major potential oil field by government energy giant Petrobras is giving investors concern about the country’s ability to pay back loans. At a minimum, interest rates are rapidly increasing, causing huge strains in the economy.

Other major oil exporters such as Russia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Norway and Angola have seen massive setbacks in their revenue and are struggling to meet basic needs. These companies may need to issue additional debt to get back on track.

Together, the world is showing increasing strains that Soros warns could lead to another major crisis like 2008. Hopefully, governments can avoid the fallout.

The George Soros Perspective


Most people do not like to meddle in other people’s affairs, but apparently George Soros is not one to let things go awry on his watch. Soros is warning the European community that there is a significant challenge posed by their Russian neighbors to the stability of the Eurozone.

George Soros is known for the simple reason that he is never wrong. For a man who puts up 10 billion against the British currency, he is one person who does his homework before he speaks. There are many examples that can be cited to support an almost psychic ability of George Soros.

As a scholar and a graduate of the London School of Economics, George Soros has a better understanding of financial matters than most of us do. As he writes in his article Wake up, Europe, Russia is hell bent on trampling on the values that have been long observed by the European Union.

Soros’ problem with the European Union is that they cannot see this coming. It takes a man with no substantial interests in the EU to tell them that Russia does not have a friendly agenda.

According to Soros in NY Books, neither the United States nor any country in Europe wants to fight the Putin administration. This is very bad for the euro zone. When a country like Russia senses reluctance or fear, they move in for the kill.

Soros advises the European Union to look at the plight of Ukraine and what happened to Crimea. According to Soros even though Putin is respecting the agreements signed for a cease-fire, he is doing so on his own volition. This means he can start another assault if he wakes up on the wrong side of the bed.

The beginning of a crisis is not a matter of if but that of when. Soros says that most of these countries have become selfish. People are only looking out for their own. No one cares about refugees or whether Crimean’s want to be in Russia or Ukraine.

Soros maintains that the European Union should award each person who genuinely seeks asylum a sum of $ 16,800. This will enable the refugee cater for necessities like housing, education and the costs of health insurance.

In reality, instead of the implementation of this asylum seekers plan, those charged with keeping law and order are the ones targeting the refugees and performing atrocities upon them.

Soros adds that the asylum crisis in Syria should be the number one agenda for the European Union but this does not mean that the other refugees should not be taken into account.

Of course, the care and response to any crisis should not be left to the neighbors alone and that is why Soros is calling for a global response. According to him, the United Nations should use its powers to call for action from its member states to help end the crisis in Syria and other countries around the glove in the same predicament.

US Money Reserve: A Company To Trust

Many people enjoy coin collecting and trading. Some people collect coins for enjoyment while others collect them so they can have a reliable investment piece. When precious metals, including gold coins, are a person’s interest, their goal is to make sure they only work with reliable companies who can guarantee their work and help to ensure that customers always get the most fair deal in the market.

For trading and buying gold coins and other precious metals, such as silver and bronze, US Money Reserve is a company all traders and collectors can trust. Many people choose US Money Reserve to find them rare and high-quality coins that they can invest in for a higher profit later. Still others use this company to sell or locate fine jewelry, watches, and gemstones.

US Money Reserve has many products and services available to their clients. They provide a gold buying guide for newcomers to the collecting of precious metals as well as have access to gold, silver and platinum coins. Coins come with history and authentication so buyers know they are getting real pieces of great American quality when they buy through US Money Reserve.

This company takes their brand seriously, and they know their coins. This is why they have so many repeat customers. Clients time and again are so satisfied with the coins that are found for them, they even excel in their businesses of trading and collecting gold and find themselves more profitable than ever. This is what makes US Money Reserve so popular among coin enthusiasts.

Whether a customer just wants an honest evaluation of what their private gold coin collection is worth or they want a gold testing kit to help them enter the world of gold and silver coin collecting, US Money Reserve is the company to trust. They are known for their honest sales, friendly customer service, and dedication to keeping all of their customers happy. This is why many of their customers come back to them again and again as they succeed in their coin collecting adventure. US Money Reserve is a company who delivers on their promise to help their customers find the best-quality gold, silver, and platinum coins on the market.

The Aspire: Taking Luxury Living To The Next Level

In the heart of New Brunswick lies the embodiment of elegance, The Aspire Luxury Apartments. Just moments away from the world-renowned Rutgers University and premium shopping, it is also conveniently accessible to Routes 1 and 18, Interstate 287, and the New Jersey Turnpike. The Aspire provides elite accommodations at affordable prices with spacious floor plans and state-of-the-art amenities reflecting the innovative design style of Boraie Development.

For over 30 years, Boraie Development has dedicated its construction efforts to the revitalization of some of New Jersey’s most prominent cities. The company has a strong reputation for establishing partnerships with area investors (including native Shaquille O’Neal) in their ongoing mission to enhance urban communities. A few of the company’s renovation projects include construction of the Cityplex 12 Newark (an old theater) and current plans to rebuild Atlantic City’s tourism district.

The Aspire is a 238-unit upscale mixed-use development just minutes away from the New Brunswick Train Station, the Children’s Cancer Institute, and Robert Wood Johnson Hospital. Floor plans include studio, one and two bedrooms (some with terraces and balconies) with nine and ten foot ceilings, hardwood flooring, wall-to-wall carpeting, custom kitchens, energy efficient appliances, cable and internet access, and washer-dryer combinations in each unit. The building also has over 10,000 square feet of retail space, home to various businesses and attached packing facilities with elevator access. Other amenities include:

  • Indoor/outdoor resident’s club with lounge area, library, catering kitchen, pool table, and flat screen TVs
  • Rooftop sundeck and garden with outdoor BBQ space
  • Fitness center with yoga space
  • On-site management and maintenance
  • Residents’ portal
  • 24/7 doorman lobby
  • Individual personal storage
  • Indoor bike storage
  • Pet friendly


Why You Would Also Like To Work With Joseph Bismark

QI Group of companies, that is the mother company to QNet has been recognized as a United Nations Global Compact Network respected member. The Group has also been included in the list of the latest organizations that are signatories and that belong to the largest corporate sustainability initiative in the world. According to Yahoo Finance, QI pledged to adopt a responsible business and sustainable practice guided by the latest International CSR Summit conference that was held in Singapore.

The UNGC is a policy initiative for businesses and corporates that seeks to align their actions and strategies guided by not less than ten principles that are universally accepted involving anti-corruption, human rights, labor, and the environment. The QI Group took advantage of this initiative to show its commitment to good and sustainable practices for business, development and social studies.

To receive the recognition certificate was QI Group’s Managing Director, Mr. Joseph Bismark. He said the certification was an honor and privilege and that it goes in tandem with the group’s commitment to improving functions in all key areas like human rights, labor rights, anti-corruption and the environment.

The corporate world is where everyone is busy doing their things. Many people are inclined to climb the corporate ladder but along the way, they forget other important elements like spirituality and self-growth. In the busy corporate world, it is hard to find a sense of brotherhood, spirituality or even peace of mind because everyone is busy. However, Joseph Bismark has managed to combine both spirituality and the corporate world. Through his leadership, he has been able to take the QI Group to bigger heights through his enduring spirit and innovative leadership. He has captivated millions of people with his unique approach to running the business and also his awesome profit ideas.

All this can be attributed to his unique experience when growing. When he was just nine years old, he left the comfort of his home and left for the Philippines mountains to become a monk. He spent time in the mountains till he was seventeen and upon returning, he immediately entered the corporate world with a hope that what he had learned would be of great impact.

He practiced business using the principles he had learned in the mountains and rose to become the Managing Director of the Group. He has a firm belief that everyone can become an important team member if treated as such. At work, he encourages people to work together as a team to achieve better results.

Build a Successful Real Estate Career With The 990 Company

The 990 Company is a successful real estate program that was founded by Greg Hague. His experience and expertise of 35 years in the real estate business has built a company that delivers results. The 990 Company is an effective and proven program that give agents the opportunity to built a successful real estate career.

Full service realtors can join the nationwide community and benefit from the unique ideas and processes, which help improve selling skills. Once agents are members of the 990 Company, they need to market to people selling their homes. They give home sellers the choice of selling at a lower commission price of $999.00. This commission is in addition to the average commission profit.

There are some requirements that sellers need to follow in order to pay the lower commission price. They need to do their own marketing through different avenues such as open house. Interested buyers can’t be going through a real estate agent. The seller refers potential buyers to an agent of the 990 Company, who handles the selling process. This means the sellers aren’t the ones that are selling their home. The real estate agents of the 990 company will do the selling.

Real estate agents associated with the 990 Company can make an excellent income even with the $990.00 commission. If buyers decide not to buy from 990 sellers, agents can help them find the perfect home to suit their needs and lifestyles. This means agents can also earn higher priced commissions. Satisfied sellers that appreciate the lower priced commission, often recommend 990 Company agents to many other people selling their homes.

Knowledge is important in order to learn anything really well. The 990 Company offers tips, articles and other useful information to help agents increase their selling abilities and succeed in the real estate industry. Most realtors don’t know this information, which gives 990 sells homes real estate agents an advantage over their competition.

Becoming an Animal Activist

Becoming an animal activist like Keith Mann can be a rewarding experience but it can also be quite taxing on the soul and heart. Animal activism means being an advocate for animals that are victims of neglect and abuse. There are many helpless animals in the United States and the world that go through horrible instances of abuse and neglect that it leaves the animals hurt, isolated, mentally inadequate and even dead. Animal activists work to ensure that animals are not abused on a daily basis. They also work to get the abusers arrested and in jail. If anyone is interested in becoming an animal activist, there are ways to get involved and make a difference in someone’s life.

Anyone interested in becoming an animal activist needs to be aware that they will be involved in grassroots activities. Individuals need to be independent in their endeavor of fighting for the rights of animals. There are many people that go investigating animal cruelty on their own. They also have people confronting animals abusers. Protests are important in the animal activism community. Many animal activists go on various protests around the United States fighting for the rights of animals. Circus’, aquariums and farms are usual spots for protests by animal activists. In addition to investigating and protesting, individuals can also be an animal activists by sharing information to others, making people aware of the atrocities some animals go through.

Keith Mann is animal activist in the UK that has gone to great lengths to fight for the rights of animals. Mann is the author of From Dusk Till Dawn, chronicling the atrocities animals go through on a daily basis. Keith Mann was an electoral candidate of the Animal Protection Party. As a teenager, Keith Mann has worked in dairy farms and has seen first hand what goes on in those facilities. In addition to be an animal activist, Keith Mann is also a vegan. He refuses to eat animal products of any kind.

The Legacy of Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital worked for JPMorgan Chase & Co. on bloomberg before becoming a founding partner of the firm which spun off from there, a new entity called CCMP. As a leader of CCMP, he focused the company on equity investments including leveraged buyouts and making investments which would grow equity for corporations. His corporation’s investments were in the realm of $100-$500 million a pop and were specifically targeted to four industrial venues. These venues included healthcare, retail, industry, and energy focuses.

He also has something else that came in fours, as he and his wife, Tami, have four sons.
Murray is said to have grown up near New York city and to have earned his MBA from Columbia University. In 1989, he began his work with a leveraging unit called Manufacturers Hanover, which was a precursor to JPMorgan, which joined in three other mergers before joining them in the year 2000.

Stephen Murray worked for the buyout sector of the business, known as JPMorgan Partners, and found a sweet spot in investment deals that became CCMP endeavors.
The split from JPMorgan Partners was strategic in that the intent was not to appear to favor or take away from existing connections for JPMorgan’s clients. Once the split took place, the CCMP work took its own direction. It is said that Murray led CCMP to raise two additional multibillion dollar funds, one of which had already gained $3.6 billion as of September 2014 when it closed.

Stephen Murray resigned in February due to health reasons with CCMP chairman Greg Brenneman taking over Murray’s responsibilities. Brenneman described Murray as a terrific investor and deal maker who spent the majority of his career in private equity and took pride and joy in his sons and wife. Stepehn Murray died March 12, 2015 at the age of 52.