How Does White Shark Media Get Such Amazing Reviews?

White Shark Media is not your typical SEO or online business ad support, and the reviews that are received definitely indicate the value of having White Shark for a business partner. Here are three reviews from clients that have used White Shark to assist their online advertising.

“I would definitely recommend White Shark Media as a business partner for your Online Marketing” “Our business has increased over 25 percent since White Shark joined out Team” and “We are more than happy to be working with them; our customer base has doubled since we got onboard.”

Here are some of the reasons why White Shark Media has become such a success.

White Shark was founded in 2010 in Miami, FL by three business experts who excelled in marketing and advertising online and off. They created the company on their excellent advertising skills, and they were confident that they could assist small business clients in becoming successful. Today, there are over 140 employees in the company, and White Shark has experienced phenomenal growth in the past five years. What has made them stand apart from other online ad campaigns is their dedication and reliable customer satisfaction.

Here are some of the services that have made White Shark a company that their clients can trust.

Communication is vital in Google AdWords campaigns, so White Shark Media includes 360-degree Call and Conversion Tracking in each of the four Plans. It is important to be able to properly track contact form submissions and phone calls that are increasing sales for the business.

Strategies for Local Business

Creating Google AdWord campaigns requires unique strategies for the client that are continually being optimized. White Shark builds internal strategies that ensure that the client is getting the maximum from Google AdWords, and to run ads in areas where the products or services are available, White Shark uses ad copy tricks and keyword selection to target the live areas.

With more than 50 percent of commercial searches now coming from smartphones, White Shark helps the client apply appropriate strategies like smartphone specific advertising, “clicking” and adding directions to maximize your ROI.

These are only a few ways that White Shark works to increase their client’s satisfaction. The client also receives a contact person as well as the support of a PPC supervisor, so at all times there are two professionals who are familiar with your campaign. White Shark is an online company committed to earning your trust and satisfaction.

Clients’ Review On White Shark Media

White Shark Media is a Digital Marketing firm specializing in providing online marketing platforms that are designed to fit small and medium-sized enterprises. The firm has been recognized as among the fastest growing digital marketing agencies across North America. The firm has a good reputation of developing cost effective marketing techniques while at the same time offering excellent customer service experience. This agency has helped several companies across the entire North America to expand their businesses by making use of digital marketing tools and techniques designed by this firm. White Shark Media has been tracking the progress of their clients’ marketing efforts and this is a major component of their success along with the reviews received.
Many clients have appreciated the services offered by White Shark Media. The agency has handled the needs of their clients in a professional way and also answering their concerns promptly. The clients think that it’s an amazing web consultant agency they have ever worked with in the previous years. With the assistance of White Shark Media, some clients are developing mobile platforms and websites like Google, Bing and Yahoo which are working nicely. These clients are encouraging their colleagues to consult this agency in order to receive the best services ever.
The company eliminates stress from clients that struggle to manage and maintain successful online marketing sites. The company performs everything for you and informs you through email whenever anything is modified. Satisfied clients have been recommending White Shark Media to those businesses preferring to advertise on Google. Other clients using AdWords have seen positive impact in less than a month after engaging White Shark Media. The clients experienced tremendous growth in conversations as well as leads to sales since partnering with this agency. Within the first year of working with White Shark Media, several companies have experienced decrease in sales expenses of up to 30 percent and increase in the number of clients by 400 percent. As a result, the companies are recruiting more staffs in all their departments.
White Shark Media is committed to satisfy the needs of clients and ensure they achieve success. The agency wants to be innovative and develop cost effective and flat rate marketing platforms affordable to all business enterprises. This growth has been achieved through experience, dedication, creativity and commitment of White Shark Media. The company’s strategy and goal is to double their size and bring on board world-class partnerships using their excellent marketing campaigns.

Dealing With White Shark Complaints

White Shark has had many compliments over the years. But, they have also had their share of complaints. White Shark has become a stronger company from these complaints. One of the complaints that hit close to heart was when small businesses weren’t able to get their reports on time. Now businesses are giving the run around before their campaign even starts so they are better prepared. Communication is very important to White Shark, however early on clients complained they weren’t getting enough attention. To overcome this, monthly status calls have been used to improved the online conferences in GoToMeeting. Clients have really embraced this and praised White Shark for doing this. Clients now are able to call their contacts directly. This allows communication to happen even if the person that is trying to be contacted is out of the office. Clients have complained that the old campaigns are better then the new campaigns. To fix this, campaigns are actively in use. If the client already has a successful campaign there is no reason to change it and it will continue to be the same way it was before. Procedures to keep the campaign successful will always be kept in place.
To keep campaigns intact White Sharks have SEM Strategists teamed up with a supervisor. The supervisors only have 3-5 strategists to look over. This allows better team work and it helps increase the experience of the group. This helps them look over all campaigns to make sure they are running smoothly. Clients have requested SEO services. To make sure clients don’t lose money to SEO vendors, White Shark does a thorough background check of the SEO proposals and their work. Clients have been sweet talked into signing up, but end up with a contact person that aren’t in-tune to their needs. White Shark Senior SEM Consultants follow each Client throughout their process. Right from the day the client signs up, SEM Consultants is actively involved with the client. Clients who want to start a new campaign have to open a new account. This works against the clients interests. If you already have a good campaign going White Shark will allow you to continue working on it. Adwords are a big part of a client’s campaign. Clients are able to install conversion tracking to track their adword results. Majority of local clients have customers inquiries over the phone. White Shark has partnered with Marchex to provide clients with call tracking. White shark has taken in complaints and have improved their company throughout this process.

Source: White Shark Media Blog