Operation Smile Go Fund Me Page Funded

Dr. Avi Wesfogel is one of the premier experts when it comes to developing and implementing sleep treatment remedies for serious sleep disorders. He is currently the owner of the Dental Sleep Masters organization, but also has a long and successful employment history in the field of dentistry. He first started in the field of dentistry when he set up the Old Bridge Dental Care practice, which he managed for over 15 years.

Avi Weisfogel has also been the founder of Healthy Heart Sleep, which is an organization that works with physicians across the glob to help people be healthier and get a better nights rest. Along with his work with Healthy Heart Sleep, he is frequently using his personal time and resources for charitable causes. Most recently, Weisfogel started a crowd funding Go Fund Me page to help raise some funds for Operation Smile. The new Go Fund Me page has a goal of raising over $2,000, which will go directly to support the causes of Operation Smile.

Operation Smile is one of the most well known dental charitable causes in the world. The organization has helped tens of thousands of people across the globe get better access to affordable dental care. The organization has typically focused on helping people in Asia, Africa, and other third-world countries where access to affordable dental care is not always available. The funds raised through the Go Fund Me page will go towards funding the next mission, which will likely help to support and aid children with various facial and dental deformities.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Cares About Everything She Is Doing

Dr. Jennifer Walden spent some time in New York City running a successful cosmetic surgery practice, but she eventually knew that it was time for her to move back home. She has two young boys, and she wanted them to be able to grow up closer to family, so she packed up everything and moved back to Austin, Texas.
Since moving back to Austin, Dr. Jennifer Walden has been taking on many new challenges. She is running her practice out of that city now, and she is doing some new things with it. She is focusing on the issues that woman face and how best to help them, and she is glad to be able to keep learning. Having her own practice was something that she had always wanted to do, and she was happy to do it in New York City, and now she is even happier to be doing it in Austin.
Dr. Jennifer Walden is a woman who cares about all that she is doing, and that is evidenced by the quality care that she gives to each of those who come to her practice. And it is also evidenced by the fact that she moved across the country to give her boys the best life possible. So, if one is in need of cosmetic surgery, then Dr. Jennifer Walden is definitely someone for them to be considering.