Dr.Walden Returns To Her Austin Roots

The Prodigal Daughter Returns

After many years of service in New York City cosmetic surgeon Jennifer Walden will now return to her hometown of Austin, Texas. Previously working in Manhattan as an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist she will now open up an entirely new office in the city she was born in Austin, Texas. Although Dr. Jennifer Walden derived much satisfaction from her work in Manhattan she now wishes to start a family somewhere quieter than a bustling metropolis. Along with her expertise the new office will bring jobs into the growing city of Austin.



Growing Her Southern Roots

The childhood and education of Jennifer Walden begins and ends in Austin. It was here that she graduated high school, attended the University of Texas, and finally graduated with her M.D. Although she enjoyed the time she had spent growing up in Austin her career took her eastwards towards NYC. With her background as an Ear,Nose, and Throat specialist she was a perfect fit for cosmetic surgery. Many cosmetic surgeries deal precisely with matters ENTs are concerned with. Thanks to her work ethic and brilliance she was able to eventually reach the top ranks of her specialty.



Raising A Family By Herself

Like any successful doctor Dr. Walden enjoyed her work and the rewards that came with it, but when she wanted to start a family there was a need for a change of location. Initially she wanted to start this family with a husband but didn’t find any of the potential male suitors around her acceptable. This lead Dr.Walden to consider single motherhood through the services of a fertility clinic.


Soon she was pregnant with her twin boys. Moving back to Austin, Texas gave her a chance to give the boys an upbringing similar to her own around family and friends. Thanks to the flexibility opening up her office allows she is able to schedule time with the boys whenever she feels like.

The Plastic Surgery Industry

There are a lot of industries that are booming right now in the United States. One of the best examples of this is the plastic surgery industry. Many people are willing to spend large sums of money on their looks. Plastic surgery clinics are popping up everywhere, especially in areas like Texas where the economy is doing well. Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the top people in this industry. Over time, she has been one of the leading voices in the fight to get more people to go under the knife. She is great at her job, and many clients love working with her in their journey.

Dr. Jennifer Walden

At an early age, Dr. Jennifer Walden knew that she wanted to help others with their looks. She was always interested in beauty and cosmetics, and this is a great example of her burning desire to help others. She was able to turn that passion into a lucrative career where she has a lot of influence on other people. This is a great example that you can follow your passion and still come out ahead. Anyone who is in the Texas area knows that she is one of the best surgeons in this area of medicine.

Although the journey was tough, she knew that she had to do it in order to accomplish her goals. Becoming a plastic surgeon takes a lot of hard work and studying. However, after a period of many years in school, she is now one of the leading voices in her industry.

Future Trends

In the future, many people expect that plastic surgery will continue to grow in popularity. There are a lot of people who plan on getting the surgery in the future. This will help people like Dr. Jennifer Walden grow her practice, as well as encourage other people to get into the field. If you enjoy helping others and are interested in cosmetics, this could be a great field for you. In addition, the pay is very high for people who stand out in the industry and are able to grow their customer base.


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