Betsy DeVos: Secretary for Education and Success.

Elisabeth “Betsy” DeVos from Michigan has been nominated by President Trump to be Secretary of Education. She comes to this post singularly well prepared and equipped for this critical posting. Her experience as a long time promoter of quality education and a generous philanthropist give her unique insight into the causes and cures for America’s current crises in education and making schools serve their students and their Nation.

Born into the Edgar Prince family, a major financial force in Michigan she has been involved with successful enterprises since childhood. Her father established an automobile parts manufacturing business that employed thousands.

Mrs. DeVos has served as chair of the Windquest Group a private investment group with varied, successful holdings. Her family has been successful in business ventures, notably, Amway and Alticor (Amway’s parent corporation) and Blackwater USA an executive security firm.

Mrs. DeVos’ philanthropic career is one of active participation. She was appointed by President GW Bush to the board of the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts and she and her husband gave valuable assistance to nonprofit managers and administrators in finances and fundraising. She and her husband have several other philanthropic endeavors to their credit, notably the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation with deep interests in education

Mrs. DeVos has been involved in politics since college and has been continually regarded as a positive-minded organizer and tireless worker. Her activity in the Republican Party has drawn respect and praise from many quarters. Perhaps her selection as Secretary of Education is a demonstration of several necessary qualities required for change in the education system in America.

Since its establishment under the Carter Administration, the Department of Education’s budget has grown to over $103.3 billion with questionable results. The Common Core program has raised doubts about not only the curriculum but requirements States must fulfill and the adequacy of the program as far as success of students. Prior Secretaries usually came in as education professionals and worked to defend a system that only delivered “one size fits all” results. Secretary-Elect Betsy DeVos’ business, philanthropic and success-proven work history promise a less regimented approach to finding solutions that fit the students and not the other way around.

Initially, Mrs. DeVos did not support the candidacy of President Trump. Her acceptance of the nomination and his offering demonstrate a sense of character in both. Working for successful solutions for the students is the common goal and developing the means to achieve it takes teamwork. Mrs. DeVos and President Trump have their wok cut out for them, but the addition of her talents to the task ahead is a genuine asset.

Koch Network have no Outright Strategy to Prevent Trump from Winning the Primaries

Charles Koch launched a political machine dozen of years ago together with 16 other wealthy conservatives in Chicago which have exploded both size and influence in the past few elections America has held. Koch Network was a political and policy advocacy operation formed by David and his brother Charles Koch, which today includes hundreds of donors, 107 offices nationwide and 1,200 full-time staffs. Indeed, Koch Network is about three and half times as many employees as those employed by Republican National Committee together with its campaign arms.

It is not shocking why 500 wealthy conservatives met in Southern California in a conference organized by Koch brothers with an objective to ensure a Republican is back in the White House. However, much of their worries are only because of one man, Donald J. Trump, who is now the party’s front-runner and the likely candidate to face Hilary Clinton or Bernie Sanders in the general election.

It is the reason Trump was not in the meeting because Koch Network and their allies do not support his candidacy saying that his policies are not in line with the American values, and they differ significantly in Foreign policy, trade and taxes. In fact, Koch Network and allies appear to disagree with both Trump and Ted Cruz in their policies. For this reason, Koch Network will not endorse any Republican Candidate in the primaries. However, what is not clear is whether they will support Donald Trump if he emerges to be the winner in the nomination.

Koch Network and its allies spent $400 million in 2012 to support the candidacy of Mitt Romney, but their strategy was not good enough compared to Barack Obama’s campaign who later won the election. According to the network, they have learnt a lot from the mistakes made in 2012 and that they have strengthened their efforts to win in 2016. The pledge for the 2016 elections was to raise nearly $900 million to support the Republican nominee for the presidential election.

Charles Koch during an interview with the Financial Times insisted that he was concerned about the state of Republican Party especially some of the people seeking the nomination. According to Koch, the urgent needs are not being addressed by the candidates seeking for nomination in the Republican Party. For instance, he opposed the Trump’s idea of barring the Muslim from entering the United States. Koch is worried that the nomination of Trump as the Republican candidate could face Clinton on the Democratic side. The last thing Koch brothers want is a repeat of history as it happened during Bill Clinton’s presidency.

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A Peak Into the Life of the Koch Brothers

Businessmen and American made billionaires, Charles and David Koch has recently sparked media interest by beginning a process to develop a management fund to manage the family’s personal investments and profits. This venture comes on the heels of the brothers’ a an ambitious move by Koch industries which moved the fund, called 1988, from its long time home inside the Koch industries financial accounts to an individual investment fund account. Business insiders have learned that the Koch brothers have been actively searching for investments for the anticipated individual fund in previous years in an effort to secure their company investments and personal brand.

Though Charles and David Koch are hardly the first billionaires to invest in this sort of account, the attention surrounding the event has caused attention to be given to the trajectory of the brothers’ lives, specifically, the life of Charles Koch. The businessman was born to a successful family. His father, Fred Koch, developed the Koch company and had successfully implemented practices that had caused it to become one of the leading institutions in the state of Kansas. When the Koch brothers eventually became leaders of the company, they successfully carried the business from the local success status to national success. Upon their father’s retirement, Charles Koch became the acting Chief Executive Officer of Koch Industries, while his brother David Koch became acting Executive Vice President.

Charles Koch has left a lasting impression on both the business and political world through the avenue of Koch industries. Charles Koch’s wealth has allowed he and his family to influence the development of the entire conservative political party in the United States. His political influence, knack for philanthropic works, and expertise in business will be leave a lasting impression on Americans around the world.

Charles Koch: Bernie Sender is Right

Charles Koch is a famous and wealthy billionaire who is currently based in the United States. He gets his wealth from Koch Industries, an institution he inherited from his father, Fred Koch. In Koch Industries, Charles Koch works as the co- owner, chief executive officer and also the chairperson of the board. His brother, David Koch works as his number one supporter, serving as the vice chief executive officer in the company.

David has also been supporting his brother in many of his endeavors, even when he decided to start a political network in the United States. Since he started getting involved in political and economic matters of the country, Charles Koch has been very famous, and most of his close associates have supported him with enough funds, enabling him to gain the much-needed independence. At the moment, he is one of the most influential people in the United States.

Recently, Charles Koch and David Koch started an enormous political machine that has spread very fast in the whole of America. The funds to run the political network have been donated by people supporting Charles Koch and his brother, and it’s evident that in the 2016 elections, the network will achieve a lot of success. The billionaire has also given out a lot of funds to the campaign, making him very influential in political issues in the country.

Charles Koch is always criticizing the opinions of the politicians in the United States concerning controversial issues, especially concerning the welfare of the needy people in the society. Not long ago, he shocked the whole nation after he released some news saying that he was in support of Bernie Senders ideas, something that he rarely does. Bernie Sender is a senator in America, and he has always had a different opinion that is quite different from what the Koch brother like. Although Charles Koch says he doesn’t agree completely with the Senator, to some extent, he says that the senator is very right.

Charles Koch and Bernie Sanders have a similar opinion concerning the Democratic presidential candidates. This is especially in the issues that deal with corporate welfare and also the criminal justice in America. Bernie Sender is not happy about the political and economic procedures in the country. According to Bernie Sender, the system is always rigged to support the wealthy individuals, and this is done while ignoring the less fortunate people in the society.