Helping with Homework through Securus Technology

Most parents don’t think much of it when it comes to helping their kids with homework, and may even take it for granted. However, when you are a parent that is away from their child, this can mean everything in helping them to do the smallest things. In the video, the father is getting to do homework with his daughter, as she shows him the math problems that she is working on as he helps her to understand and figure out the problems as she holds the assignment up for him to see. Along with helping with homework, they talk about the future and that she’ll have to go to college, her dad says especially if she wants to be a graphic designer like he wanted to do, and also they talk about what college she wants to go to.

Through the Securus Video Visitation, this technology helps individuals to have the chance of connecting with their loved ones that have been incarcerated, with easy to use and convenient options. As the father does, as he simply gets to help his daughter with homework as they both get to see one another. There are two ways to visit, determined by the schedule of the facility, individuals can either visit from their home over webcam and video chat, or they can pre-schedule a visit onsite. Being able to visit at home can save time that may otherwise be spent driving to visit, and then have to wait in a long line. There is no more that is required for an at home visit, other then a webcam, an online account with Securus and a computer.

In addition to the video services that are offered, email services, jail voicemails and phone services are also offered through securus. When using the email services, some advantages are that the individual has access 24 hours in sending a message wherever there is internet access, have a simple user experience, and need no approval process for sending an email. To use the jail voicemail, there are only three steps involved, call the phone number, then the facility must be specified and the
loved one to be contacted , then follow instructions as prompted for leaving the voicemail. Once the individual has left the voicemail, the individual that it has been left for will be notified of the message. There are several plans of phone services that are available, these include inmate debit, traditional collect, direct billing and advance connect.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.