Why Betting in College Basketball is worth it

The 2016 NCAA title game between the North Carolina Tar Heels and the Villanova Wildcats featured one of the best buzzer beater games in NCAAB history. Hundreds of thousands if not millions of people betted for either team or more or less of them enjoyed their earnings, while others went home with nothing to show for. Before the start of the game, Las Vegas odds had favored North Carolina by two points over Villanova according to Covers.com. Sports betters and everyone else who has a clue on what the spread should look like would see the betting line as this: (UNC -2). the negative symbol indicates how much the team is favored to win by, while a positive number shows how much a team would lose by, thus enabling them as an underdog(In this case it would be Villanova +2).The question is why does a line spread look like this and why is it important in college basketball today? Initially, clients overwhelmingly placed bets on a team that wins most of their games. According to some people, this is common sense, right? The main problem was that placing too many bets on one team caused huge financial losses from sports companies due to the lack of a “betting balance.” Here’s where the spread betting comes into play. Even if wagers essentially picks the stronger team ( which is North Carolina) in an event, those who pick the underdogs can also have their fair share of the treasure if their team wins or if the team loses, but the victory margin is less than the spread. March Madness is indeed what you would call madness, especially for sports betters. The NCAAB tournament itself consists of a whopping 68 teams! With dozens of NCAAB teams all over the country playing in a sudden death each round, millions of people believe anything is possible. After each round is completed, the pressures and occasional heart attacks increase ten-fold for betters. Patrick Everson from Covers.com suggests that betting on college basketball odds during the tournament is more important than any other sporting event here in North America! Potential upsets by underdog teams mentioned previously, along with dozens of televised games without extensive commercials/halftime shows is basically a sports better’s dreams. Think about all the reaps and benefits one could earn by riding a dark horse team all the way to the Final Four.