How Thor Halvorssen Uses Film To Fight Oppression

Fighting For Open Societies

As the president of the Human Rights Foundation Thor Halvorssen has dedicated his life to finding ways to support human rights across the world. Currently, more than 35% of all humans currently lives under a dictatorship or authoritarian regime. To make a difference in this world Thor Halvorssen uses his talent for cinema to promote the values of open societies. Covering everything from historical dictators to censorship on American college campuses, Thor Halvorssen’s filmography is one of the most impressive of any director.

Exposing Oppression To The Masses

Oftentimes, the subject matter of his films deals with people uniting against oppressive governments for the greater good. In his documentaries Halvorssen typically uses governments found in countries like Cuba and Vietnam. Collecting the photography for these films is a dangerous procedure for Halvorssen. He risks arrest, violence, and even death during production. His fictional works may not involve going into such great lengths, but they have nonetheless displayed his talent. Freedom’s Fury, a fictionalized portrayal of the fall of a real-life Hungarian dictatorship in the 1950s, gives on of the best examples of how he brings the struggle for freedom to life on the silver screen.

Fighting For Our Rights Here

The films of Halvorssen aim to reach beyond his work on dictatorships abroad and have sometimes focused on issues affecting Americans. In 2007, Thor Halvorssen released Indoctrinate U. The documentary focused on the ways college campuses seek to silence students and faculty that disagree with the currently trendy left-wing opinions so many academics profess. While the film isn’t as dramatic as the rest of his work, it still retains his signature style and creativity. Free speech is a delicate and precious right taken by too many people for granted.

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