ClassDojo: Empowering a Classroom of Greatness

In a recent article from, ClassDojo was featured for their success in raising 21 million dollars for their app that helps close the gap between parent and teacher communication. TechCrunch describes the empowerment parents, teachers, and students alike will experience by being able to communicate through the app. They also highlight the progress that has been made through venture funding, noting the 31 million dollars to date. leaves off imagining the possibilities of this app, stating that parents could possibly “buy content like custom yearbooks, or videos, discussion guides and lessons that they could use with their kids at home.” This is among many other mentions of the communication platform that will ultimately make life easier and less stressful for all parties involved.  Read more related articles here


ClassDojo seeks to change the communication platform from the ground up, eliminating the parent-teacher conference.  Based on With the goal of giving the power to create incredible classrooms in mind, ClassDojo is already available in 40 languages and is in 180 countries. Being used by millions each day proves that this app is creating a community more positive and successful than ever before among parents, teachers, and sudents. The empowerment given by ClassDojo opens doors for words of encouragement to be easily shared, schedules and upcoming events easily communicated, and efficiency increased.  Source


FreedomPop Takes Its Free Mobile Service Across The Pond

FreedomPop announced that its alpha testing its free mobile service in the UK. According to the article in Digital Trends, the free plan is the same plan that seems to be very popular in the States which is the 200 plan. A subscriber gets 200 free minutes, 200 free SMS, and a 200 free MB data package. There are two paid plan options being offered to their UK subscribers. The big difference between the two plans is that the 2GB has unlimited voice calls and messaging and the 1 GB plan limits the user to 1000 messages and SMS. Subscribers can, however, get a free month of the 1 GB plan during the testing period.

There is no word yet if they are using a 4G LTE during the testing time period. One nice thing that FreedomPop does do, or in this case does not do, is charge their customers a penalty for exceeding their data allowance. For a small monthly fee customers can roll over up to 500MD of data that they did not use. customers can even store up to 20GB. What makes FreedomPop plan’s a little different is customers can take their storage data and share it among family and friends who are also using Freedcamp. FreedomPop is hoping to offer their customers in the UK the change to buy their mobile devices straight from them by the end of the year.

FreedomPop has its sights on more than the UK and hopes to expand into more European countries. Though there is no word on the Jettsetter Sim card that subscribers are to be able to use in Spain, France, and the UK, there are hopes that more than a dozen more countries will be added. Though there has not been a definite launch date given, those interested in the alpha testing should check out FreedomPop’s website for all the necessary information

Business and Technology Executive Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir grew up in Iran and was born in London. He went to high school in Switzerland. His dad was a doctor. He went to college in the United States. Kheradpir is a technology and business executive who has a BA, masters, and doctorate degree that he received from Cornell University in electrical engineering with control systems as the focus. As Juniper Networks’ chief executive officer, he helped with the deployment of Verizon’s FiOS. Kheradpir worked at GTE Corporation. GTE Corporation eventually became a part of Bell Atlantic and then Verizon was formed from that merger in 2000. Kheradpir was Verizon’s CTO/CIO for eleven years. His team consisted of 7,000 employees. He helped decrease the cost of technology spending with the company by about 30 percent. From 2011 to 2013, he worked for Barclays.

During his career, Kheradpir has created teams that are mission driven to make changes that truly matter for his investors, customers, employees, and the community. His first public appearance as the CEO for Juniper Networks was in Las Vegas at the RevUp 2014 conference. At the conference he spoke about focusing on excuse free execution and a meaningful dependence on partners.

In an interview with ARN, Kheradpir talks about his vision for Juniper how it will tackle any competitors. He feels that being CEO is very familiar. He said he is getting acquainted with the way the business is run and the team. He has been asking many questions. He is also pushing for an open door environment. He believes that the partners have become very important because they truly understand the customer. He says that a big part of a business is finding out how to get customers to want to go onto the “bridge” to their service or product. He feels that their partners have information that is crucial to making this happen.

When asked where he would like to see the company in the next year he began by saying that he would like to see the top level executives all working together as one. He said it might sound simple, but he acknowledges that the company has a variety of moving parts. He would like to focus on the customers. He truly believes that focusing on the customer being vital to a company’s success. He also believes having an executive team that is disciplined in business fundamentals is very important to the health of a company.