Talk Fusion’s Bob Reina Talks History Leading to Talk Fusion

The world of technology is always moving and right now we are living within the digital age. The internet is here to stay and most people have transitioned vast portions of their lives onto the platform. This gave way to a whole new industry and it is one that Bob Reina, founder of Talk Fusion, was quick to capitalize on. Talk Fusion is a video marketing company that was founded back in 2007. The goal of the company was to bring video marketing and communication solutions to a market that, at the time, was severely under represented. Reina’s decision to go into this market wasn’t an easy one and his story is fascinating and helpful for entrepreneurs who seek to follow in his footsteps. Learn more:


So, we’d have to go way back to when Bob Reina was working as a police officer to see his life before Talk Fusion. Reina was working an off-duty gig when a man approached him and the two would eventually end up conversing about network marketing. This conversation served as the seed that would eventually germinate in order to become the Talk Fusion that we know of today. Reina always was fascinated by the concept of becoming his own boss and this was a pivotal step in that direction. Learn more:


The flagship program that launched Talk Fusion would end up being the Video Email application. Reina was taking a tour of a house when he wanted to send a video clip to family and friends to get their opinion. His email provider didn’t allow for this option and that was the inspiration for his platform, game changing application. Now Video Email is at the center stage of the Talk Fusion marketing suite and it is still one of their most popular products.


For entrepreneurs seeking to follow in Reina’s footsteps it is pretty clear where Reina would propose you look for inspiration. Reina believes in always being ready to seize upon an idea and that, when you do, you need to believe in it 100%. Reina’s insistence that Talk Fusion was going to succeed rubbed off on eventual customers and the rest is history. Learn more:


Chris Burch: The Seamless Integration Between Fashion and Technology

The technology industry, as well as the fashion industry, has developed to see many changes in the dynamic world. Both industries grow seamlessly. As a matter of fact, the two industries become together. A fascinating part of the story is how they have maintained a relationship over time. For us to see this light, let’s look at the past and expected future between the two industries.


The fashion industry has a long relationship period with the technology industry. In fact, the two industries grow together. Over the years, the two industries have had s history of interdependence. As we stroll back into the books of history, we are yet to find out that technology and fashion grow seamlessly. For this reason, we are meant to believe that technology becomes fashionable over time. Moreover, fashion is increased with the use of technology. Therefore, fashion becomes technology fashionable. The fascinating part of the journey is how the two have grown together. When we look at past events, we will have a clear picture how the two industries have developed together seamlessly


The boom box was seen in the 70s. This was the fastest technology during those times. According to research, the boom box allowed you to carry on your favorite stations and tunes. Moreover, the technology had two cassettes. While one was used for playing music, the another one was for recording. This technology was enhanced in the dawn of the 80s. During that era, there was an introduction of movie storylines into the cassettes. The technology was advancing while fashion was in its aid. According to research, the movie storyline came as a result of the introduction of television. The down of the 90s saw the introduction of a more personalized experience in managing music using the Walkman. This was one of the most current technologies ever since music started evolving. The introduction of the iPod revolutionized the industry. As a matter of fact, technology grows with what is considered fashionable.


Technology and fashion, currently, are in marriage. Chris Burch said when you look at what is happening in the world of technology, it has an influence on fashion. The two industries, for a long time, have developed with common goals. There are endless possibilities when it comes to technology and fashion. One of the most dynamic relationships in industries has been seen with technology and style. While you consider wearing a helmet unfashionable, the technology protects us during accidents.