The Compassionate Entrepreneur in Greg Secker

Owning a successful endeavor is the dream of every entrepreneur. No one likes to be associated with failure. Greg Secker is a serial entrepreneur of the modern days. He owns Learn to Trade, a successful venture that offers guidance on how to trade.

Greg Secker is an entrepreneur with an open mind. He embraces and believes in most innovative ideas that come his way. In simple terms, Greg is an optimist who sees opportunities rather than difficulties in everything. At some point, he worked at the Virtual Trading Desk, and the opportunity gave him a platform to learn how Forex works. This explains why he is so interested in foreign exchange trading. As a result of his experience in trading, he stands out among the few wealthy personalities of all times in this trading.

Greg Secker is now a retired Forex trader. Instead of reserving his knowledge and fortunes from the trade, he resolved to teach others. He became a renowned public speaker in 2003 and has shared his passion over 6,000 times on public forums ranging from National Achievers Congress to wealth expos in and out of United States.

With the goal of creating awareness, Greg Secker founded the Greg Secker Foundation. Initially, its mission was to empower the youth with life skills early in life so that they can shape their future. The initiative is currently assisting in the rebuilding of Philippine communities that were affected by the Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. Besides, Greg was recently named a Philanthropy Ambassador. The post enables him to direct, inform, and shape the City on the causes going on around the UK. He is also entrusted with sourcing more entrepreneurs to participate in philanthropy.

Greg is also an author and has authored the book on Forex trading that explains to people how to get started in currency markets. His next copy is more on philanthropy and how it can be integrated into the business.

Greg Secker was born in Norfolk in 1975. He attended and graduated from Nottingham University with a Degree in Agriculture and Food Science. His career in foreign exchange trading commenced at Thomas Cook Financial Services. At only 25, he was named the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation. He currently owns a hedge fund, a brokerage firm, and seventeen other companies.