Jeffry Schneider on Ascendant Capital’s Future

Jeffry Schneider, Founder of Ascendant Capital LLC, has found a way to diversify the markets in a purely beneficial way. While other companies focus on one side of the market, Schneider has focused Ascendant on a wider range. Ascendant Capital works with marketing, education, sales and operational services, as well as many forms of financial structuring.

Ascendant is the top Austin-based company that raises funds for well-established and up-and-coming fund sponsors. One of the aspects that made Ascendant so successful is its huge network of associates. Ascendant works with many family offices, broker-dealers, private banks, and investment advisors. It uses its huge network to distribute public and private offers all around the world.

Ascendant Capital is also one of the fastest growing companies in Texas. Founded just five years, Ascendant is now operated by more than thirty employees. When Schneider founded the company, he had only two employees. In the same five years, Ascendant has also raised nearly $1 billion on behalf of its numerous managers. A feat that is not easily accomplished in today’s market.

All of Ascendant’s success is attributed to Schneider, his employees, and the massive network of associates at Ascendant’s command. There are over fifty broker-dealers, 250 registered investment advisors, and a myriad of family offices working with Ascendant on a yearly basis. Under Schneider’s leadership, the teams at Ascendant purchase whatever kind of investment has the potential for profit. The money raised by Ascendant was used to buy real estate, auto dealerships, tech companies, and much more.

When most companies would become contempt with current success, Jeffry Schneider, and his team plan to outperform their previous years. The company has plans of stopping or slowing down. Schneider has his sights set on the future and nothing can stop him. It’s estimated that Ascendant will raise about $50 million of funding every month this year. The culture that Ascendant Capital has created for itself is a big part of its success. The company environment is one of open dialogue and trust amongst fellow team members.

Alexandre Gama Becomes A Global Advertising Success

There are few, if any to date, Brazilian advertising executives who can rival the career of Neogama founder Alexandre Gama; from humble beginnings as a copywriter and creative at some of South America’s top advertising agencies, Alexandre Gama has wasted no time in becoming one of the most awarded and respected ad agency executives in the world. In developing his amazing career, Alexandre Gama has become the first Brazilian to break into the global advertising industry in a successful way in becoming part of some of the world’s most respected advertising based groups and associations.

The path to success as an advertising agency founder and executive was not an easy ride for Alexandre Gama who began his career as a writer for Standard Ogilvy before passing through some of the top agencies in South America picking up experience and promotions from 1982 through to 1999. Gama had been picking up awards for 17 years across the world for his advertising work when he made the bold decision to develop his own agency, Neogama.

The golden touch in terms of all things advertising Alexandre Gama appears to have began during the first year of Neogama, which saw the company pick up its first Golden Lion at the Cannes Film Festival; Alexandre Gama’s company would break another record when Neogama picked up an unprecedented two Golden Lion’s, one for Film and the second for Press, at the 2003 Cannes Festival.

The career of Alexandre Gama has continued to develop with a partnership being developed between Neogama and a number of globally recognized advertising companies that allowed the creative to take on a global role in the industry. Now independent once more with his Neogama agency, Alexandre Gama continues to enjoy success for his award winning campaigns that have become known around the world.


Maggie Gill and Healthcare Management in the 21st century

Maggie Gill is a recognized leader in health care solutions, a distinction that she has clearly earned in her leadership role at Memorial Health in Savannah, Georgia. Her substantial contributions to healthcare administration and service since 2004 are remarkable as a high indicator of her capacities to lead, with much promise for the future. In her position at Memorial Health, Maggie Gill has demonstrated her strong commitment to medical advancements and a state-of-the-art hospital institution to provide excellent care and service to patients. Among her many contributions as vice-president, Maggie Gill was instrumental in the expansion of clinical services and the construction of additional facilities. Her financial acumen and leadership qualities at Memorial Health led to financial cost savings of $30 million annually, and in 2011 she was promoted to CEO. Maggie Gill is an active participant in several organizations, including The Georgia Rural Health Stabilization Committee, American Hospital Association, and on the Board of Governors at Mercer University School of Medicine. She earned a distinguished position on Becker’s 2016 list of 135 Nonprofit Hospital and Health System Leaders to Know.

Significant changes in the national health care system have been challenging, but Maggie Gill continues to work towards more effective ways to address the challenges. As with many hospitals today, Memorial Health reimbursements for medical care through government have decreased. In July 2016, she initiated an important cost-savings measure, Pathways to Excellence, as a positive approach for the hospital to achieve viable solutions. Gill acknowledges the revenue challenges which Memorial Health and other rural hospitals now must address. Her winning combination with people and her financial expertise assure her continued success.

Tech Fashion Trends For The Future

Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur based in the United States. For more than four decades of professional experience in founding and selling businesses, Chris Burch has gained more than enough understanding of all business sectors and industries. For this reason, he decided to choose technology and fashion as those who are better in business than any other. According to him, these two industries have many things in common. As a matter of fact, he believes that they are destined to grow together from the beginning. Chris Burch is the Founder and President of the Burch Creative Capital which has more focus on the fashion and technology industries.


The fashion industry is one of the most fascinating industries in the world. According to Chris Burch, he considers that fashion and technology industry have worked for the benefit of the people. There are many changes over the years which have occurred between the two industries that deem them as compatible. For them, they have kept on growing in all arenas to make their stand as identical. Technology has always become fashionable. When technology comes to grow, fashion also grows to become technologically fashionable. The two industries have grown to become the best entities in the business environment because of their die-hard work and growth strategy.


Let’s look at the stories hat shed light on the fact that the two industries are working to grow together. For what is in the future, we are yet to see. However, the past has a lot to tell us regarding the use of technology and fashion.


The 70s brought about the introduction of the boom box technology which was the best thing that happened to the lovers of music in the world. During these times, this technology allowed the owners to moe around carrying their favourite tunes and stations to wherever they went. For this reason, it was considered as fashionable because everyone wanted to acquire that music gadget. Moreover, this was a fascinating piece of technology. While you used the other side of the deck to play music using a cassette, you would also use the other side to record the same music in ply. For this reason, you will have two concurrent things playing at the same time. When the 90s approached, the use of the Walkman was the other best thing that revolutionised the music industry. It was another fashionable thing that happened to this industries.

James Dondero Gives Back to Dallas

James Dondero is a prominent individual within the world of business who is not only dedicated to helping his company grow to be the biggest and best that it can be, but is also dedicated to his clients and helping each of them find the best investment opportunities that will yield the highest returns with the least amount of risk involved. James Dondero is an individual with many titles and is a leader in his own right due to the fact that he not only has over 30 years of experience as an investment expert, but is also the co-founder and the President of the Highland Capital Management firm, an investment firm that is truly dedicated to helping individuals all over the world find the best opportunities for investors. James Dondero offers the best customer service and opportunities for his clients and treats every single client like a partner of the company. Clients of Highland Capital Management walk away with the best opportunities that have been perfectly tailored to their needs.


Highland Capital Management is not only a prominent investment firm, but is also an investment firm that is dedicated to giving back to the community of Dallas and to helping individuals that are less fortunate. James Dondero and his team of experts have created an organization that has already donated millions of dollars of donations to deserving communities across the community of Dallas. One of the organizations that continues to receive generous donations of this investment firm is The Family Place, an organization that helps families that have suffered from violence.


The Family Place is a deserving organization that has recently acquired over $16.5 million from their most recent campaign. This organization is dedicated to helping families in need that not only need help, but also need people to talk to for advice on how to proceed with their future. The Family Place has already helped over 200,000 individuals within the past 40 years and has every plan to help 200,000 more individuals. Thanks to the generous contribution of Highland Capital Management of $1 million, the organization will continue to help others.

Dan Newlin – The Best Attorney In The East!

Dan Newlin is a famous, successful, aggressive attorney. He specializes in injury law, but his many talents do not end there. What may be surprising to some is the fact that he used to work in law enforcement before he turned his badge and blue uniform in for a suit and tie. Mr. Newlin was only 20 years old when he decided to become a cop. Over the years, he worked for the Indiana Police Department, the New Chicago Police Department, and the Indiana Fire Department. At the tender age of 18, he worked as an Emergency Medical Technician in New Chicago. Dan Newlin will be the first person to admit that he has always been drawn to public service and helping others. After working as a police officer in New York for some time, he accepted a position in Orange County as Deputy Sheriff. While he worked as Deputy Sheriff, he worked in the Fugitive Division, Patrol Division, and Tourist Policing Division; he won numerous awards and recognitions during this time, which he still is very proud of.

Dan Newlin began practicing law in his Orlando office, but recently expanded to another law office in Chicago. He believes strongly in protecting his clients and getting them the help they so desperately need if they have been injured. At both offices, there is a stellar team of lawyers that work with him to help clients the most. To make it even easier for clients to contact him, Mr. Newlin introduced #Dan, an abbreviated, specialized code so people can reach him faster. He figured that either dialing ‘pound, Dan’ would be much easier to remember than a ten digit phone number. To do this, he collaborated with four major telephone companies, who had to go to work for quite some time, and finally #Dan was born!

Dan Lewlin’s office mostly concentrates on auto and motorcycle injuries, pedestrian injuries, DUI cases, injuries on construction sites, medical malpractice and wrongful death.

The Importance Of Personal Injury Lawyers Like Dan Newlin

To some people personal injury lawyers are simply ambulance chasers out to make a quick buck. But for the thousands of people who are inured each year through no fault of the own, personal injury lawyers are a godsend. The dedicated attorneys are often the only ones able to hold the insurance company’s feet to the fire and get their clients the compensation they deserve. Without a good personal injury lawyer in their corner, many injured parties would be left to face the insurance companies alone. In many cases this would end up with the injured party being woefully undercompensated.

Accidents happen and they often lead to serious injury and in some cases death. That is why people get insurance. But in order for insurance companies to make the most profit possible, they try to limit as much as possible the amount of money they pay out in claims. Unless the accident victim has competent legal representation they could find themselves struggling to get their medical bills and their living expenses paid. Many insurance companies offer unwitting victims a low ball settlement offer that does not begin to cover their immediate and long term medical, emotional, and physical needs. This is where personal injury lawyers can help.

An experienced personal injury lawyer is familiar with the games insurance companies play. They also know that many seemingly simple injuries can have serious long-term repercussions for the injured party. Medical costs are high and rising. Often accident victims faced with mounting medical bills accept the first offer the insurance company makes. An experienced personal injury attorney can help the victim see through this ploy. They can help the victim to understand they are entitled coverage for present and future medical bills, lost wages, lost earning potential, and punitive damages.

An excellent example of a good personal injury lawyer is Florida-based Dan Newlin. Newlin is a fighter. He’s gone to bat repeatedly for his clients and won them large legal settlements. He has earned a reputation for doing in-depth research and going to the mat with the insurance companies to ensure his clients receive the financial settlements to which they’re entitled. He recently won over 100 million dollars for a teen that suffered severe brain injuries when he was struck in the head by a stray bullet. He has also won a number of other high profile cases.

Personal injury lawyers like Dan Newlin strike fear into the hearts of insurance companies and perpetrators of negligent acts. They know the victim will get their day in court and be well represented by a competent attorney. If you or your loved one is the victim of an accident, contact an experienced personal injury today.

Adam Sender’s Keen Eye Has Given Him a Wonderful Art Collection

Many art collectors become wonderfully obsessive with their work, and Adam Sender is one of them. With over 400 pieces collected, this former hedge fund manager isn’t looking to slow down anytime soon.

Adam and his wife Leni Sender have been notorious in the art world for years, collecting many valuable contemporary art pieces like Cindy Sherman’s “Untitled #93”, a very provacative piece of art that has been the subject of controversy. Adam Sender loves provactive work that is also visually appealing. Also in his collection is a Thomas Ruff photograph, which portrays a woman in lingerie leading a kneeling man on his leash. He also has “Let’s Be Realistic” by Ed Ruscha and John Baldessari’s “Commissioned Painting: A Painting by Edgar Transue” in his art collection. His entire collection is worth over 70 million. Just last year he auctioned off over 400 pieces of his collection to make up for the closing of his hedge fund.

Unlike other art collectors who like to hide their treasures away for their own viewing, Sender is very generous in sharing his art with the world, doing pop-up exhibits and lending pieces of his collection out to galleries. In fact, he even has a website where potential lendees can go and state their case on why he should lend them his art. His pop-up exhibits are also works of art in their own right, starting with his exhibit, “Home Alone”, which tells the fictional story of art collectors so obsessive with art, that it started to take over their home.

Sender loves looking for new artwork all the time, especially from emerging artists. “That’s where the excitement is,” he said in an interview with Interview Magazine.. He prefers intellectually stimulating work that is also visually appealing. With all the white noise in the contemporary art community, it is difficult to find pieces to fit Sender’s tastes, but he has amassed a large collection all the same. He is known for his ability to find the two best pieces in a gallery within minutes because of his good eye and laser sharp focus. Even with his hedge fund closed, Sender still plans on continuing his hobby of finding and buying new pieces from emerging artists.

The Reverberation of the Sender Release

I started as an artist as a young kid. It was actually my friend for many years. I had other interests, but if it were up to me, I would do art constantly. In the real world, marketing good art is a task. There are a finite number of collectors, and this seems to dwindle even though the rich simply get richer. Sometimes the popular emphasis in great economies are art antiquities. When the economy is not performing as well, people will take chances on newer art. This is because smart collectors like smart investors like to acquire these more esoteric pieces during this time because the older art is being driven up by the new money that is acquiring it. Ironically, the money these savvy investors use to invest in these esoteric pieces comes from unloading the older art that they also gathered during times in which they are cheaper.

Good collectors are also like investors in that they buy low and sell high. They also avoid the popular things because of this same reason. A great example is shrewd mega-investor Adam Sender. Sender searched for and found an art genre that was deeply undervalued, but that would also be prone to explode as interest and attention was placed on the genre even if this interest came from certain moves that Sender made with the art itself. Because of this understanding, he knew to plan to generate interest and by that virtue alone, the value of the works would skyrocket. It is literally like printing your own money. Sender gained this interest by unexpectedly releasing all of the works to the open market. Of course he did this through the most prestigious international auction companies because they would also generate interest to protect and optimize their stake.

It was a genius move that was not purely about profit. The interest that he generated by collecting and releasing these has made contemporary art vogue again and possibly for many decades to come. This is the focus that contemporary art needed, and it has reverberated completely down to the gallery, individual owners and producer level of contemporary art unrelated to the Sender collection. It is also the most interest that any art genre has gained in a long time. I know this because my sales picked up greatly after the Sender collection was released. We have been able to catch that artwork on tour. We do this to sort of say thank you from reinvigorating the art world. I think that now with the increased business, I can focus on making art everyday now. Before this time in the art world, it was just not possible because I had responsibilities that needed immediate attention.

Dan Newlin’s Rise to Greatness

There are different lines that a trained lawyer can pursue and these areas are based on one’s preference and area of expertise. As such, lawyers have the opportunity to choose the type of cases that they feel comfortable with. Dan Newlin, a well-known lawyer is one of biggest lawyers in the area of injury. He has been into this field for several years under which he has been able to handle and win several lawsuits of this nature. His popularity has been fueled further by his propensity to win high profile lawsuits. This has brought him great pride and recognition in the legal industry and his name is not strange to many people in the practice.

As a young man and in his growing years, Dan was known as to be a very compassionate young man and he had this unquenchable desire to help people. His desire grew even stronger setting him up to join the armed forces in his early 20s. He had a great desire to help people especially helpless individuals who needed help. He knew by joining the police force he would be able to offer solutions to people problems by the authority he had as a state’s custodian of law and order. Newlin was a passionate officer and his success in the police department brought his way other opportunities that he had not thought of.

As the saying goes, hard work never goes unrewarded. Newlin worked in different police departments including the firefighting department and in the Indiana police department. It was not long before he joined the Orange County Sheriff’s department where he worked so hard and opportunities began to fall in his way. Ten years after serving in the Sheriff’s department, Newlin got a well-deserved promotion to become a Sherif’s detective. This promotion came as a reward for his exemplary performance as a Sherif’s officer. He was very active in dismantling the drug-dealing barons and halting their operations in the area.

After long years of service and dedication to his calling as a detective, he was rewarded with yet another opportunity to pursue law in the Florida State College of Law. Here he trained as for 3 years and he graduated as full-fledged lawyer in 2010. His license was recognized in both Chicago and Illinois and in both states he could practice his career. He has since developed a career that is very successful in both the states a she maintains offices in both. His success is also tied to the fact that he has very unique people’s skills which can only be attributed to his time as a police officer. Has a very strong customer base and his customers remain very loyal to him and his law firm.