Who Is George Soros And Why He Keeps Dropping The Big Bucks

George Soros was born in Budapest in 1930 to a Jewish family. He during the world war 2 survived the Holocaust in Hungary when the Nazis invaded. Soros then fled to England for his safety.

George Soros underwent learning in London where he graduated from the London school of Economics and later went to settle in the United States of America. George Soros with his education, skills, and expertise founded Soros Fund Management. He chairs the fund management together with the open society Foundations that he founded. George Soros is an entrepreneur and an investor who is focused on the fund management sector. He is widely known for his philanthropic nature that he has practiced since he started accumulating his fortunes. George Soros’ foundations are towards promoting how people view each other. Charitable activities are supposed to assist other underprivileged citizens.

George Soros uses his considerable wealth clout to promote policies that support his ideologies. He has invested heavily in the democratic party and has already given $ 8 million this year alone.

George Soros Joins other Forbes wealth heavyweights who have thrown their eight behind Hilary Clinton. They have already raised $ 41 million and are expected to raise a total of $ 1 billion by election time next year.

George Soros has always been described as a bellwether Democrat willing to fight for the party. He has always shown liberal values and has always criticized the Republican party.

It was recently revealed that in 2012, Soros expressed dismay at Obama saying he finds it hard to discuss policies with him.

In regards to Trump, in the current presidential race in the United States of America, Soros is never afraid of speaking out his mind. He has deep passionate of people who are suffering and segregated tempting him to comment about Trump in the recent interview where he disapproved the campaign agendas that Trump is using to gain votes.

Soros condemned the act of restricting and blocking out the Muslim community from the borders of America. He said this would increase rebellion among the Muslims and make them more violent towards the American. George Soros believes in harmony and people living together as brothers as sisters. The idea reminds him of what he went through to reach America. It torments him to remember how the Nazi revolution made him homeless and a refugee. He believes that people can live without leadership that undermines humankind and which are open to any criticism.

Even if Trump is rising through the Republican primary polls, he should use other campaign tags which promote peace in the society.

The article is a recap from Politico