USHEALTH Group – A Medical Champion

USHEALTH Group’s family of companies is a goliath in the healthcare and protection space. It has been around for a little more than fifty years, having provided their customer base with the best possible medical coverage at the cheapest of prices. Their portfolio covers a large assortment of diseases ascertaining that you are well covered through your darkest times.

They follow the policy of HOPE ( Helping other people every day ) which is a quite noble initiative. Their staff and management swear and lives by this very acronym day in and day out, aiming towards achieving perfect health care for the demographic. The company makes sure no man or woman is left without a proper health care framework to live by. Their initiatives have been widely recognized and have been the talk of the town since the inception of the group.

USHEALTH Group’s motto is quite suggestive. They want to ensure that proper health care is affordable for the masses and that is exactly what they have helped 15 million customers achieve over a time frame of 50 years. Their organization is also open to recruitment if you have a burning desire to procreate change and to make the lives of others better. You should contact them to book an interview for yourself.

Unlike their competition in the major protection and coverage businesses, you could call them up any time of the day to get a quote absolutely free! This is what is remarkably different between them and the major businesses that are constantly vying for the consumer’s attention.

Community Asset Andrea McWilliams

At a young age, Andrea McWilliams built a career that takes many people lifetimes to accomplish. She did not stop and from there went on to create her own business along with her husband. Besides her accomplishments in her career, Andrea McWilliams has gone on to become an asset in her community. Through her career and philanthropic endeavors, Andrea McWilliams is an asset to her community and fellow man.


At the age of 21, Andrea McWilliams has able to accomplish something that takes many people years to, become Chief of Staff. From there she continued to grow her career and become the co-founder of her own business that she created with her husband. What she created was a full-service firm that handles governmental affairs. Her firm continues to grow and expand. Andrea McWilliams career has made big movements in her career that do not seem to stop anytime soon.


Not only has Andrea McWilliams become accomplished in her career but she also has become heavily invested in philanthropy. She is involved in multiple organizations and local charities. These organizations include but are not limited to the Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital, Austin Children in Crisis, Rise Across Texas Challenge, a member of the Long’s Center ‘s Notable Women, and the St. Davids’s Hospital Toast of the Town Committee. Her many philanthropic givings have made her an outstanding member of her community.


Andrea Mcwilliams has had a full career that has been on the rise since she was 21. Her career has grown immensely and she was even able to create her own business. Her work goes beyond her career and expands into her community where she has been contributing to many charities. Andrea McWiliams is an asset to her community in many multiple ways.


Patty Rocklage Psychotherapist and Philanthropist

Patty Rocklage is a psychotherapist who practices in the greater Boston area. Mrs. Rocklage has more than 20 years of experience in psychotherapy. Rocklage has a license to practice Marriage and Family Therapy. Mrs. Rocklage feels honored to be able to help many couples in the Boston area achieve a happy home life. she not only looks at the problem but also the clients’ symptoms in relational interactions that influence his behavior. MFT counselors are interesting the longterm well-being of their clients. Mrs. Rockage is concerned with many personal symptoms of her clients including depression, mood disorders, anxiety, substance abuse, etc. She is married to Scott Rocklage, and together they donated a large sum of money to help renovate the Lester Wolfe Professor of Chemistry, Moungi Bawendi’s nanochemistry and nanotechnology lab space in Building 2 of MIT. MIT is honoring the Rocklages with a plaque that is being displayed in the vestibule of the laboratory. Mrs. Rocklage and her husband live in an old farmhouse in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Recently, the couple decided to renovate their home.


The couple went to Sudbury Companies’ Design Center to get ideas for how to redesign their home. The Rocklage residence will be undergoing some major renovations under the supervision of Ed Freedlender and his very talented staff. One of the reconstructions that will be done on the house is to change the layout of their kitchen area. The kitchen area was disconnected from the two family space areas and the rest of the house. Patty Rocklage wanted to make the kitchen more accessible. Another problem with the house was that people who came to visit the Rockalges found it difficult to locate the front door. The Rocklages think that Mr. Freelander should work on trying to fix the front door entrance, first. They expect the entire renovation job to take 6 months to complete. The couple wants to put in a three-season porch and a farmer’s porch, new walkways, and new driveway outside. Inside, they want to add a new bar, new cabinets among other things to make the house look completely new.

The Philanthropic Efforts of Eric Lefkofsky

It seems like some people are practically destined to get involved with philanthropy. In reality, there are a few things that have to happen before anyone can get too heavily involved with this type of activity. First and foremost, they have to have to desire to help others in a way that hasn’t already been accomplished on a fairly wide scale. Second, they have to be successful enough to have the time, the money, or both to give enough of themselves to help those who are in need. Last but certainly not least, they have to be smart enough to know how to implement some type of program that is going to be effective. It is important to note here that the program can’t just be effective on paper. It has to work in the real world or there is really no point in doing it at all. Fortunately, Eric Lefkofsky knows exactly how to accomplish all of these things. Furthermore, he has proven that he is very successful in doing so.

As part of his philanthropic efforts, he created a foundation which provides educational courses related to science and other forms of technology. His foundation helps other organizations that fit into these types of categories. His main focus is on providing funds to such organizations so that they can then afford to help more children. He does this because he believes that by empowering children with this type of knowledge, they have a better than average chance of being successful and making a good life for themselves when they grow up. After all, he has used this same type of information to create a successful life for himself, so it only stands to reason that he would want to do the same thing for other individuals.

Of course, his philanthropic efforts do not stop there. While he uses his financial success to contribute to a wide array of different organizations through the foundation, he also gives of his own time. He accomplishes this by teaching at the university level, specifically teaching other students how to create a successful business for themselves. It might seem surprising that someone that leads such a busy lifestyle, especially when they have found the level of success that he enjoys, would actually work to teach others how to do the same thing. With that being said, he has long believed in giving of himself in every way possible in order to help other individuals have those same opportunities for success that he has enjoyed.

Adam Milstein Building a Brighter Tomorrow.

Adam Milstein is a successful real estate investor from Israel. He is also a philanthropist who is very active in rallying support for various causes. He is highly supportive of the jewish cause and works to give back to the community as a whole. Adam Milstein is a managing partner at Hagar Pacific Partners. There he oversees the firms finances and property management. He founded a foundation with his wife Gila called Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in 2000.


Their foundation is there to serve and educate young professionals and student leaders about the challenges facing the Jewish people, Israel and the western world. Milstein wants to help foster Jewish pride and empower the Israeli-American identity. Adam Milstein was born in 1952 in Haifa, Israel. His father Hillel Milshtein was also in the real estate business and his mother Eva was a homemaker. Both his father and mother immigrated to Israel in their teens.


Adam Misteins’s father immigrated from Argentina in 1948 and his mother Eva immigrated from Mexico in 1949. Adam Milstein spent his early years in Kiryat, Motzkin after his family moved there from Haifa and then Kiryat Yam. Adam Milstein joined the Israeli Defense Forces in 1971 and served during the Yom Kippur War in 1973. He later attended and graduated from Technion with his B.S. in Business and Economics in 1978.


Adam Milstein attended and graduated from the University of Southern California, receiving his Masters of Business Administration from the University. He later joined his father’s real estate company. Adam Milstein is not only a successful businessman and philanthropist but also a husband and family man. He and his wife Gila reside in California and have three children and grandchildren.


Investors Show Huge Confidence by Oversubscribing to the Private Initial Offering

NexBank Capital, Inc. is a financial service company based in Dallas. The company serves its customers through three businesses that form its core: Commercial banking that is responsible for deposit and other commercial bank activities. The Mortgage Banking handles mortgage loans and Institutional services.

As of the closing financial statements for the period ending 31st December 2016, NexBank Capital, Inc. has an operating asset worth $4.6 billion. Ever since inception in 1922, the company has grown from strength to strength. Mr. John L. Holt Jr. serves as the CEO, President, and Director of NexBank Capital, Inc.

The Dallas-based financial giants recently announced a successful completion of a private placement of their senior unsecured notes, which were oversubscribed. The company managed to raise an impressive additional $80 million after reopening their initial offering resulting in a total issuance of $155 million.

The notes are expected to mature on March 16th, 2016 and are callable on March 15th, 2021. These notes carry an interest rate of 5.5%, which is fixed for that period of five years.

Sandler O’Neill & Partners, L.P was the sole placement agent for this successful offering. NexBank is looking to use the proceeds it got from this offering to repay certain debts and boost the investment activities of the company.

NexBank has been recording a huge amount of growth compared to 2015. Their total assets reached $4.64 billion, which represented a 71% increase from 2015. There was also a positive increase in total deposits, which was in excess of $3.22 billion representing 72% growth from 2015. The total loans registered $2.83 billion, which is a 44% increase from 2015. The year 2016 also recorded a net profit of $83 million compared to $53 million in 2015.

CEO John Holt and COO Matt Siekielski feel that it is through this growth that the initial offering was oversubscribed. They mention that the client confidence in the company is highly reflected by their action on this initial private offering (IPO). They were able to raise over $200 million in debt and equity and are seeking to invest this funds in projects that will facilitate the growth of the business even more.

Jeffry Schneider on Ascendant Capital’s Future

Jeffry Schneider, Founder of Ascendant Capital LLC, has found a way to diversify the markets in a purely beneficial way. While other companies focus on one side of the market, Schneider has focused Ascendant on a wider range. Ascendant Capital works with marketing, education, sales and operational services, as well as many forms of financial structuring.

Ascendant is the top Austin-based company that raises funds for well-established and up-and-coming fund sponsors. One of the aspects that made Ascendant so successful is its huge network of associates. Ascendant works with many family offices, broker-dealers, private banks, and investment advisors. It uses its huge network to distribute public and private offers all around the world.

Ascendant Capital is also one of the fastest growing companies in Texas. Founded just five years, Ascendant is now operated by more than thirty employees. When Schneider founded the company, he had only two employees. In the same five years, Ascendant has also raised nearly $1 billion on behalf of its numerous managers. A feat that is not easily accomplished in today’s market.

All of Ascendant’s success is attributed to Schneider, his employees, and the massive network of associates at Ascendant’s command. There are over fifty broker-dealers, 250 registered investment advisors, and a myriad of family offices working with Ascendant on a yearly basis. Under Schneider’s leadership, the teams at Ascendant purchase whatever kind of investment has the potential for profit. The money raised by Ascendant was used to buy real estate, auto dealerships, tech companies, and much more.

When most companies would become contempt with current success, Jeffry Schneider, and his team plan to outperform their previous years. The company has plans of stopping or slowing down. Schneider has his sights set on the future and nothing can stop him. It’s estimated that Ascendant will raise about $50 million of funding every month this year. The culture that Ascendant Capital has created for itself is a big part of its success. The company environment is one of open dialogue and trust amongst fellow team members.

Brian Bonar: An International Financial Leader

Brian Bonar is CEO and Chairman of San Diego-based Dalrada Financial. Despite his long career in business and finance, Bonar is an engineer by training, having earned his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from James Watt Technical College in Scotland. He later took a master’s degree, also in mechanical engineering, from Stafford University.

According to White Pages, before embarking on his career as an executive, Brian Bonar was a procurement manager at IBM, where he was in charge of outsourcing manufacturing for computer components. He also spent several years as Director of Engineering for QMS, an engineering consulting firm in the north of England.

He transitioned into a more executive role in 1989, when he became Vice President for Sales and Marketing of Rastek Corporation. At Rastek, Bonar led a team that sold printing technology to businesses all over the world.

At Dalarada Financial, Brian Bonar works with companies throughout the United States to help streamline their human resources and personnel costs. As an employer business solution, the company aims to save businesses money by helping companies offer pre-tax medical benefits to their employees.

In addition, they offer a variety of benefits programs for employees, such group medical plans and supplemental dental and vision insurance. They also offer a payroll advance service that allows companies to give their employees a cash advance of up to $500.

Over the years, through his work in large companies, and his start-up Dalrada Financial and sister company Truecept, Bonar has developed a deep interest in a number of business areas, such as marketing and strategy, mergers and acquisitions, outsourcing, and angel investing.

Because he is passionate about helping companies grow and prosper, he is able to make a real difference in their bottom line. Most small businesses spend way too much time and money on administrative issues and not enough on their core business. Bonar helps businesses change this.

Ascendant Capital Founder Jeffry Schneider

Ascendant Capital is a boutique investment firm that provides alternative investment products and strategies to help its clients. The firm helps provide valuable assistance to clients who are looking to complete global financial transactions. Since this is a boutique investment firm, it is able to provide some of the most personalized service to clients in the finance industry. With its personalized service, a number of clients will get the comprehensive help they need in order to reach their goals. One of the things that Ascendant Capital has established itself as a leader of providing income producing assets in private equity. Another thing that has set Ascendant Capital apart from other finance firms is its full understanding of the needs of both clients and the nature of the financial markets. When working with Ascendant Capital, investors will be able to depend on a firm that will partner up with the most qualified fund managers around.


The founder of Ascendant Capital is Jeffry Schneider. As founder of Ascendant Capital, he has intended to establish his firm as the most trusted finance firms when it comes to sponsoring funds and accredited financial intermediaries. Over the years, Schneider has looked to assist numerous investors who are looking to gain access to alternative investment options and asset classes. During his time running Ascendant Capital, Jeffry has been able to help many investors maximize their returns as well as diversify their investment risks. With this combination, a number of clients have been able to more efficiently manage their assets. This has allowed his clients to consistently improve their financial situation and reach their many investment goals.


Once he founded Ascendant Capital, Jeffry Schneider has run his firm by managing the most seasoned financial professionals in the industry. As a result, he has had a very knowledgeable staff of investment consultants and advisors. With his investment professionals, Jeffry has been able to offer a number of innovative investment products to the firm’s clients. As well as providing expert investment managers, Jeffry has built a successful firm by providing very enthusiastic leadership. This form of leadership has allowed him to provide inspiration and motivation to a number of his subordinates. As a result, they have been able to feed off of his energy and perform at their best on a regular basis. Jeffry is very experienced in the finance industry which has enabled him to develop a lot of expertise and knowledge about the industry. With this expertise, he has had the ability to provide his clients with the best investment management services available.

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is a man who wears many hats. Not only is he a successful entrepreneur and author but he is also a respected educator and philanthropist. He helped found five technology startups worth more than a billion dollars. Lefkofsky is the CEO of Tempus, a technology company  he co-founded, which has developed an operating system to aid in the fight against cancer. To this end, they are compiling the world’s largest library of molecular and clinical data and the aforementioned operating system to make that data accessible and useful. Utilizing transcriptomic and genomic sequencing and deep machine learning, Tempus assists doctors in their effort to achieve a better understanding each patient’s tumor. Doctors can also discover more personalized treatment options by analyzing clinical and molecular data. This along with detailed reporting delivered directly to the patient’s physician, as well as new and unique research technologies occurring in synthetic and animal models rather than patients, has allowed Tempus to advance the battle against cancer to a place never before imagined.  Source


As a man who has spent much of his life in the business of starting, running, and selling technology companies to the tune of a hefty profit, according to  he is well versed in the fast paced, blink and you miss it, culture in which these types of companies exist. More importantly, Eric Lefkofsky understands how disruptive businesses (businesses that disrupt the status quo by offering better choices in price, service, convenience, or funtionality) are not only formed, but grown and sustained as well. In the world of technology, someone might have that great idea with the potential to completely change the face of an industry. Many times that someone can let that advantage slip through their hands. It is important, if not imperative, that businesses today come to realize the fast pace of technology and how it allows competitors to come from anywhere at anytime and overtake them. It is just this knowledge and the experience from which it was gained that Eric Lefkofsky hopes to provide in his book Accelerated Disruption.

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