Independent or Assisted: Retirement Communities Offer Quality of Life

For some at retirement age, the choice is easy. They eagerly anticipate leaving behind the responsibilities of the working life. They seek freedom from responsibility. These folks usually have good health and want to continue to live independently.

Others might also long for independence, but life has dealt them a different hand. They require some degree of assistance to accomplish daily activities. Mental or physical health issues have robbed them of their ability to live independently.

The common hope all people share at this time of their lives is remaining relevant. They want to socialize with their peers and stay as active and vibrant as possible. They want a variety of things to do and places to go. Their desire is to experience life to its fullest. That is where retirement communities can help.

One such retirement community is The Manse on Marsh located in downtown San Luis Obispo, California. The Manse offers a choice of residences from studios to more spacious apartments and even detached cottages. The facility also makes common areas available for dining, socializing, catching some rays or relaxing by the fire. Residents can enjoy a movie, workout at the fitness center, or surf the internet at the library.

For those who require assisted living accommodations, The Manse will provide as little or as much as the resident requests, something that the reviews really praise. Assisted living services include help with daily tasks like cooking and laundry, managing medication, and help with personal hygiene. The assistance will rise to any level needed. The staff prides itself on making each person’s experience as enriched and dignified as possible. Residents are given a pendant to use when they need help, and qualified care is available 24/7.

Whether the wish is to live independently, with some level of assistance, or in a situation that requires comprehensive care, retirement communities like The Manse on Marsh provide options that match each unique set of circumstances. Retirement is a time to enjoy life, and the compassionate caregivers at The Manse believe it is their mission help to make that happen.

Eucatex Group Is Master of the Eco-Wood Domain

For decades, few consumers gave little thought to how flooring, tissue paper or other wood-based products were produced, but today, sustainability is a major concern. Furthermore, the focus on where, and how products end up in homes are having an impact on company profits. This is good news for brazilian-based company, Eucatex.

In the mid-1950’s, the Maluf family started a successful wood manufacturing company, using Eucalyptus trees to produce sustainable wood flooring. At that time, Eucatex was the only eco-conscious company in Brazil looking for ways to recycle wood, and reduce environmental footprints. By the early 1980’s, Eucatex became a leading South American producer of eco-flooring, hardboard wood, and paints, with the distinction of earning a green seal from the Forest Stewardship Council.

Combining commercial know-how with a creative flair, Flavio Maluf has taken the company to the next level, becoming a global goliath in the sustainable home products industry. After graduating from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation with a mechanical engineering degree, and Wikipedia shows studying abroad at New York University, Flavio Maluf joined the Eucatex family business, working a variety of roles, and in 2005, became CEO. Today, as CEO and chairman, Flavio works closely with creative heads, and has furthered the company’s global expansion, and increased top-end merchandise that consumers want.  He’s also become well known for speaking out about the world of finance publicly, including the recent Pfizer merger.  But he’s also been a huge advocate of technology in education.

Flavio Maluf understands sustainability is not just today’s buzzword, but also a necessary development in order to secure the future of humanity. He speaks about the environment often on Twitter. “There are still many sleeping giants in the industry but the numbers don’t lie and they show consumers care about the planet and the products they buy,” says Flavio Maluf. His sound strategy, hi-tech creative approach, and grass-roots knowledge has given Eucatex a huge advantage over the competition, making them a leader in the industry.

Business with a Clear Conscious

Wood is one of the most important resources used in the home construction industry. But this resource is not infinitely available. Furthermore, forest areas are cleared on a large scale. Approximately 13 to 15 million areas of forest are lost worldwide. This corresponds to an area of about 35 football fields, which are cut down every minute. Sustainable wood products offer an opportunity for homeowners to improve their energy efficiency and quality of the air inside their homes, not to mention reduces their environmental impact and make their homes more comfortable. The Eucatex Group has consistently led the way to help make homes more affordable to live, to occupy and maintain.

Current Market a Repeat of 2008 Crisis According to Famed Investor George Soros


We are only a few days in to 2016 and it already looks like it will be a rocky year. Famed billionaire investor George Soros is proclaiming that he sees echos of the 2008 crisis in the current market. At an investment event in Sri Lanka recently, Soros mentioned that the extreme debt levels in China, Europe and the US, along with collapsing commodity prices, spelled potential doom for global economy.

According to Soros and most other investors, the 2008 crisis occurred due to sub-prime debt, over investment in the housing market and too much investment in exotic securitized financial products. Today, the greatest risk is also in bad debt. However, this time the debt is much larger and issue by governments so the risk is much greater.

That is especially true in China. AFter the 2008 crisis, exports to Europe and the US went down dramatically. To boost the economy, the government unleashed a massive amount of lending and fiscal stimulus in to the economy. In fact, the banking system grew to three times the size of the economy whereas the US banking system is one times the economy. At the same time, the growth rate in China is beginning to slow naturally as the population growth slows and incremental technology improvements slow. As a result, it is becoming tougher and tougher to pay off the huge debts that government issued in 2008. Now, new debt growth is slowing and the economy is at a stand still. The stock market already crashed in 2015 and is now crashing again. Unless the government gets a handle on its debt loan, it could spark a contagion around the world.

As debt growth slows around the world and economies put on the breaks, the price of commodities is also collapsing. Many countries that depend on commodities (especially oil and gas) are now have trouble financing their daily operations. Even worse, some of the debt they have issued is in danger.

The countries with the greatest risk of debt default include Venezuela, Zimbabwe and Argentina. However, other much larger countries are showing signs of strains. Brazil contracted 3.5% in 2015 due to the decrease in commodity prices. Also, the fallout from a bribery scandal and massive wasted investment in a major potential oil field by government energy giant Petrobras is giving investors concern about the country’s ability to pay back loans. At a minimum, interest rates are rapidly increasing, causing huge strains in the economy.

Other major oil exporters such as Russia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Norway and Angola have seen massive setbacks in their revenue and are struggling to meet basic needs. These companies may need to issue additional debt to get back on track.

Together, the world is showing increasing strains that Soros warns could lead to another major crisis like 2008. Hopefully, governments can avoid the fallout.

Ricardo Guimarães explains why BMG is the best.

Ricardo Guimaraes is the president of BMG a company and he is also the owner of the enterprise. The company has been a household name in Brazil, and most of its success stories are associated with him. His career in the company was established back in the year 1980, and he served as the Financial Manager since 1989. In 1996, he was appointed to serve as the vice-president of the board of BMG Group. His skills and hardworking are seen throughout the company, and his authority is recognized.
The company is located in Brazil, which dealt with financial products that were offered to businesses and individuals. It later converted into a wholesale and retail financing company where it became the leading financial institution that was run by the Pentagna Guimaraes family. Under his leadership, the privately owned company has stood out to be the excellently run firm in the entire Brazil and with solid foundations. Low-interest rates make the institution be the most admirable to offer credit facilities. Right structures should be put in place in order to be the leading lending institution in any economy, and this is what Ricardo Guimaraes is best at doing.
BMG has been in deep connections with the citizens of Brazil; It has been observed that it is involved in sponsoring most of the football teams in Brazil. Football being in the heart of Brazil citizens, the company under the leadership of Ricardo Guimaraes has excelled in providing the same. BMG is actively involved in sponsoring football teams despite the fact that he is a staunch supporter of Atletico Mineiro Club. Sponsoring football clubs is another strategy that enables BMG to advertise its products as wide as possible.
His intellect and a pursuit of excellence make him be the outstanding individual in the entire history of Brazil as far as financial institutions are concerned. Innovative strategies that were founded by him saw BMG stand out to be the leading in Brazil regarding credit consignment. Regarding lending, it has been ranked to be the best institution in Brazil, this has been enhanced by managing efficient teams and working closely with the legal consultants. BMG still continues to soar high as it has specialized in offering payroll loans t most active clients in the country. Ricardo Guimaraes is not yet done, he is still strong and embraces the aspect of collaboration when making financial decisions concerning the company.

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As found on Agencia Estado.

Stock Market Prices Are Not Based On What Happened Last Year

All investors understand the basic concept of supply and demand, but not all investors comprehend what makes some people like a particular stock and not like another stock. Company performance is based on information and at times, that information may be wrong, negative or not pertinent. But good or bad news does have an impact on the market. The market moves in strange ways, but in a way, the stock market is a mirror that mimics human behavior.

The news that 2016 will be a disappointing year for investors has some investors worried. Those investors take the news at face value without looking at trends as well as world events. But there are investors that don’t pay attention to the analysts that are forecasting a flat year for stocks. Investors like Jim Dondero make their own decisions about the market after studying the real facts about the global economy and the changes that are taking place in different industries around the world. Dondero is the CEO of the Dallas-based investment firm Highland Capital Management. Highland Capital Management is one of the top hedge fund investors in the country, and Jim Dondero is the driving force behind the company’s investments.

Dondero has been an investor all his working life. He started investing after graduating from the University of Virginia, and he hasn’t stopped since. He is a CPA as well as other things financial, but most of all he is an investor that knows how to move through the intricate world we call the stock market. Mr. Dondero is not waiting to see what the stock market does in 2016. His company has taken a stand. At the end of 2015, under Dondero’s leadership, Highland Capital invested millions in stocks the company already owns.

But not all investors are as bullish as Highland Capital Management and Jim Dondero. Some investors believe the analysts that say 2016 is going to be a tough year for stocks. Those analysts are basing their opinion on the 2015 performance of the stock market. But as Dondero points out, 2016 is a new year with new circumstances. The market doesn’t follow what happened last year in today’s world. Every day is a new world in the stock market, and investors have to treat the market that way.

A article brought on the same fact recently. What happened to the market in 2015 is not an indication of what will happen in 2016.

The Freshest Ingredients in Dog Food

As dog food becomes a popular industry, new niches are popping up within the dog food industry. One specialization that many dog food businesses have begun to sell is the fact that their business is a business that offers healthy and delicious dog food. One particular business that demonstrates this new niche is that of Robert Thompson. Mr. Thompson is the chief executive of a small dog food gourmet manufacturer. Mr. Thompson states that he is constantly regulating the quality of his products in order to ensure that consumers and their dogs receive the best quality dog food. Mr. Thompson states that he only uses the freshest ingredients and regulates the shelf time to which to ingredients are available to the product. This small gourmet business is one of the many that have been able to fit itself in the multi-billion dollar business of dog food. The incentive is to now create products that are both edible for the dog as well as edible for the owner. One example of a top quality product that is being sold is kibble that comes from blending lamb as well as salmon. Though many dog food businesses target consumers with weight loss, top companies such as Beneful target consumers with high quality food that will leave any dog happy and energetic. One of the top companies that focuses on high quality products is Beneful. Beneful is one of the most popular dog food companies in the United States, if not the world. Beneful specializes in creating dog treats, dry dog food, as well as wet dog food. Among all the products sold, the wet dog food is the most popular by far. The wet dog food that is offered by Beneful has a variety of delicious combined ingredients. Wet dog food comes in 20 different varieties that include proteins such as lamb, chicken, beef, and pork. These proteins are then combined with fresh ingredients such as green beans, barley, rice, as well as carrots. Beneful offers mouth watering products that are delicious for any dog whether they be a small dog or a larger dog.


In Brazil, calling Soccer a religion is grossly underestimating its broad reach. It is a way of life and a critical part of the society. It is a society that has produced great soccer players like Ronald and Ronaldinho. It is also a platform that has led to banks like BMG to take advantage and build a brand in a competitive field. The bank sponsors 100 teams in the countries leagues and recently launched a TV station that has already seen 60000 Youths display their prowess. Ttp://
The bank has also announced a partnership with Marcio Melo to sponsor his tennis campaigns. He is expected to fly the banks flag high in all its competitions in the future as he continues his winning streak. It is a streak that begun years ago and that has seen him became world number one.Melo will lead the Brazilians tennis team into the Olympics this summer as the host nation seeks to stamp its dominance in Sports.
Ricardo Guimares is the leader of the Bank. He has been the CEO since 2004.In his years in charge, the bank has grown many folds and today is a dominant market leader in the country. It controls 80% of the market and has a market capitalization of $ 2.1 billion. When he took over the bank, it had a capitalization of $ 300 million.
Ricardo Guimares is a graduate of UMA. He graduated with a degree in business administration. It is an achievement he got while still working with Banco BMG in 1988.He had joined the bank in 1980 and was till 89 an office assistant. Ricardo Guimares was named as the vice president in 1996 and became the president in 2001.He was appointed the CEO in 2004.
He leads a bank his granddad founded in 1930.It was founded as a miner’s bank and has built a reputation as a bank with miners in mind. It is also a specialist in consigned credit which is the cheapest form of personal credit. The bank is based in Bero Horizonte and has over 3000 branches all over Brazil. It has over 50000 agents in the country.
Ricardo Guimares is a hedge fund specialist too. It has a new fund that seeks to monetize the player’s rights and brand them. Today it already has a capital of $ 20 million. It is an idea whose time in the market has come and which is very much welcome.
BMG has announced a partnership with Banco Itau to create BMG ITAU PAYROLL.It is a move expected to fill a gap in the demand for personal credit in Brazil.
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The Benefits of the US Money Reserve

The money reserve in the United States is one of the largest distributors that distributes gold, silver, as well as platinum. All of these distributed coins are distributed to the public on behalf of the US Mint. The US Mint is fully backed by the government of the United States because of the fact that the US Mint offers one of a kind weight as well as purity in every single product. This means that every client that purchases these offered metals is guaranteed to have the best quality gold, silver, and platinum that are in accordance with the Gold Standard.

The US money reserve was founded by gold market veterans who have had the incentive to combine customer service, market knowledge of the sold items, as well as trustworthy guidance that is necessary when in the market for precious metals. Currently this company is one of the nation’s largest distributors of these metals. The money reserve has served hundreds of thousands of clients who have found use in precious metals not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for monetary and financial purposes. Clients of the US money reserve understand the company’s expertise and their ability to choose the coin with the highest monetary value for the right price.

Some of the most knowledgeable individuals of this company include:

•Senior Gold Specialists

•Industry Leading Numismatic Expert

•Customer Relations Department

•Business Support Development

•Inventory Department

•Vault and Shipping Department

•Coin Research Professionals

The US money reserve believes that precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum are metals that promote long-term wealth. Obtaining this precious metal is a symbol that the more work that is put in, the more reward is received. When looking to purchase a gold coin, it is important to analyze the advantages in doing so. One of the biggest advantages in buying gold coins or any precious metals is the fact that these coins do not just have paper value, but also have a true market value that is not a stagnant value. In addition to this, if any client is not satisfied with the value of the coin, the US money reserve promises money back. Customers who are gold and precious metal collectors constantly want to purchase these metals from the US money reserve. This branch is both helpful and reliable in helping every single client.

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Financial Experience that Clients Trust

Sam Tabar is a New York attorney who specializes in capital strategy. LinkedIn says that he attended Oxford University, where he graduated with honors and earned his bachelor’s degree. After graduation, he attended Columbia Law School and worked on the Columbia Business Law Review as Associate Editor, in addition to being a member of the Instagram community. When he passed the bar exam in 2001, Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP hired him as an associate. It is a world-premier law firm.

One of his main duties at the firm was to help clients with things such as the formation and structure of hedge funds, agreements for investment management, memoranda for private placement, side letters, and issues concerning regulations and compliance in employment. After working at Skadden for three years, Tabar joined PMA Investment Advisers of Hong Kong to work in high financing.

He worked as an attorney for PMA Investment Advisers until he was promoted as their Managing Director and Co-Head of Business Development. This position allowed him to concentrate on the various facets of global marketing and relations with prominent investors in a hedge fund worth $2 billion.

Some of the highlights of his career with PMA Investment Advisers include designing and executing a strategic marketing plan that dealt with people of extreme wealth, large family offices and institutional investors. Tabar compiled a roster of over 2000 qualified investors and over 400 potential investor introductions. He worked with the firm’s founding partners and CEO concerning any matters in business or development. Tabar also was instrumental in raising $1.2 billion of assets for the firm as Bloomberg shows.

After seven productive years with PMA Investment Advisers, he was hired as the Director and Head of Capital Strategy for Bank of American Merrill Lynch’s Asia-Pacific region. He counseled the hedge fund clients of the firm and marketed to institutional investors such as large family offices, funds of funds, pensions, foundations and endowments. He was responsible for all of the capital allocations cycles between clients and fund managers. In the course of a year, he succeeded in compiling a list of over 1,250 institutional investors. After that, he left to work for Adanac LLC as its Director. Some of the properties that Tabar invested in were Verboten and Thinx, which were start-ups in America.

He returned to his legal roots when he was hired as a Senior Associate in the firm of Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. He was responsible for managing hedge funds and counseling for the formation and structure of funds. He also managed private placement memoranda, side letters and issues concerning employment.

Today, Sam Tabar runs his own successful firm which serves the financial needs of hundreds of clients. He uses the years of financial experience he has to expand his global clientele.  Sam is also a major music lover, and has a popular account on SoundCloud where he frequently posts tracks.

More Venture Capital Enters Europe

Venture capitalists are increasingly coming to the realization that Europe is a good place to set up shop. Tech giants are moving into the market, looking for the most promising outfits, among them data mappers, cloud software makers, game makers and mobile payment firms.

Leaders in Europe are voicing support and expressing optimism of entrepreneurial growth in the region. German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, is working on encouraging entrepreneurship and creation of digital services in Germany.

Ciaran O’Leary goes ahead to state that billion-dollar companies are systematically being created in Europe. Ciaran is a venture capitalist in Berlin. He has made investments along Salesforce. He also helped in the sale of 6Wunderkinder’s to-do app to Microsoft.

Companies in Europe are starved for capital. A total of over $10 billion was pumped in the first three quarters of this year into European startups. During that same period, U.S. firms received almost six times that amount. This is according to researcher Preqin. For this reason, U.S companies are looking at European startups as being affordable.

Apart from acquiring the to-do app from 6Wunderkinder, Microsoft’s other interests in Europe include the expansion of its Berlin program, Ventures Accelerator, as well as striking partnerships with firms in Germany that are well established, among them Siemens.

Google Ventures has set apart $125 million for acquisitions in the European market. Google Ventures has also made investments in various firms such as Kobalt and Oxford Sciences Innovation. Intel Capital has invested in MariaDB from Finland and iZettle from Stockholm.

Highland Capital Management is a global firm that specializes in venture capital. The firm was founded in 1993 and has since grown to have offices in London, Singapore and New York City. The firm announced that it had $18.7 billion in assets under its management in 2014.

James Dondero, a graduate from the University of Virginia, is the man at the helm of the firm. Jim is the president as well as a co-founder of the firm. His career spans over 30 years in the credit and equity markets. This experience has greatly contributed to the amount of success that he enjoys.

Jim has led the firm in the management of various hedge funds, some of which have received various awards and accolades. Apart from his role at Highland Capital, Mr. Dondero is also actively involved in Philanthropy.

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