Dan Newlin Changing the Face of a Lawyer

In the past, issues of law were seen mystic and a preserve of a few. This has now changed with the lawyers making the work a customer oriented service. However, there is one, Dan Newlin who has remained ahead of the pack. In terms of the historic cases won over the years and the easy and efficient communication to his office, Dan has remained a preferred choice. As a personal injury attorney, he has continued to know what people want and making it available. Here now is how his service remains a trusted brand in the market. Dan Newlin was discussed in this press release as well.

Creative and persistent

When an incident happens, clients need the help of an attorney immediately. This need has been solved with the #Dan, a dialing code which is easy and fast. The #Dan code has expressed his commitment to help people reach his office with ease. It is also an opportunity for people to have a code they can easily remember. This paints the creativity of Dan in making his service always available to the people.

The creativity of Dan has also been historic when it comes to embracing technological changes. When many other offices retain their old way of a customer help line, he changed his communication strategy to easy and fast mode. According to him, remembering like 10 digits is quite hectic. Therefore, to make work easy, the #Dan dialing code was launched. Clients, old or potential ones thus find it easy to access the law firm of guarantee. This also helps handle the mushrooming number of clients efficiently and satisfactorily. Check out Dan Newlin on Monster.com.

Helping the world

Although Dan Newlin is a law firm which concentrates in representing clients in court and filing evidence, Dan has extended a helping hand to many other people. He has been named among the few charitable legal personnel, across Central Florida. Recently, he has been quoted saying that his commitment is unshaking and that the mission to make more children smile is on. Over the years, he has also worked closely with hospitals and charitable organizations to transform lives. Dan has a testimony of seven children, who are fighting cancer and met a world champion Evander Holyfield. The star has remained undisputed and has suffered many setbacks but overcame them.

Seamless communication

It has remained an unwavering commitment of Dan to always bring the services closer to people. This has been shown with the office which has been opened in Chicago. Although he is in Orlando, Dan has development a genuine interest to help people. He has promised that the people of Chicago can now dance in celebration as all their cases will be settled justly. The new office handles cases like DUI accidents, construction site accidents, auto and motorcycle accidents, wrongful death and nursing home abuse. He also specializes in medical malpractice and pedestrian accidents.

An Introduction to Popular Brazilian Authors

There are several popular Brazilian authors and more coming to international notoriety every year as readers expand their reading interests. Brazil is a huge country and its people are so diverse and varied in their experiences, which means that the authors that have come from Brazil all produce very unique works of literature. It’s hard to introduce new readers to all the popular Brazilian authors out there and upcoming ones too, but there are some that every reader should discover.

Via Twitter some of the classic and beloved authors of Brazil include Jorge Amado, Paulo Coelho, and Moacyr Scliar, all native Bolivians and all with very different styles. Of these authors, only Coelho is still alive, but their legacies are already so vibrant and so felt internationally. Coelho and Scliar have both been very outspoken about the underrated Brazilian literary field, because while their work has always been recognized, they haven’t always been credited properly.

More recent notable Brazilian authors include. Adriana Lisboa and Bernardo Carvalho. Both of these authors also have very distinct and different styles than all the other authors mentioned, and each one got their start with the one book in their bibliography that got international attention. Through many contests and book awards is how many of Brazil’s most popular authors came to be known to the rest of the international community. Other authors like Coelho always had successful sales and it was word of mouth that really propelled them to the international stage.

Upcoming Brazilian authors are always penning great pieces of literature and making their mark on the scene. Authors like Jaime Garcia Dias, who has always created literary work, taught literature, and been very busy in the field, but only recently has reached international notoriety. Every year several book award contests seek the very best in Brazilian authors, or international authors, and more and more undiscovered gems pop up. From young authors under the age of 30 to first time published authors, there are always a fresh crop of authors that are finding their public with just one book to propel them into the spotlight. This is exactly what happened with Dias who had penned several books before he had one that was a total success and sold several copies, won and award, and got him recognized as an author to watch for. Since then he has gone on to write several more books and his older works have been recognized too.

Brian Bonar-The Finance Executive To Be Reckoned

Financial managers and executives have the entire organization in their hands. They can either make or break a business depending on their skills and the manner in which they handle their responsibilities. They are vested with the task of overseeing and directing financial activities for an organization. Such executives supervise other employees, scrutinize financial trends in their respective industries, formulate reports and budgets as make financial decisions for the company. Financial executives require the right education, skills, qualities and experience to be prosperous.

They need to possess unwavering professionalism despite the client environment or corporation culture. Quality financial executives portray professionalism in all aspects. They are required to adapt to any change or environment as well as maintaining consistency. The most respected executives exude exceptional leadership and what distinguishes them is their inner drive and the drive to passionately motivate others. He maintains exemplary teamwork and ability to successfully undertake daily tasks that are bound to turn heads. Brian Bonar, the current CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation, a top developer of color management software and Service Corporation for digital imaging hardware is a superb example of our case. Mr. Bonar has been honored for completely transforming ITEC into a stable company towards a firm direction. He has proved strong work ethics that has taken him through several organizations and leading them to success. Prior to ITEC, Mr. Bonar plied his trade with Trucept, Inc, where he served as the CEO, CFO, President, Secretary, and Treasurer. His analytical skills as director enabled him create waves in the company making him one of the influential leaders any company would want to hire. Brian Bonar is quite the financial genius.

Brian Bonar has readily embraced change and has never hesitated to be corrected. This collaborative approach is also vital in problem-solving that helps such executives become successful. Bonar seeks feedback and offers essential information at crucial junctures to assist him formulate sound strategic decisions. Mr. Bonar’s accomplishments, leadership abilities, and academic achievements earned him the Cambridge, Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in Finance in the year 2000. Check out Brian Bonar’s About.Me profile.

Apart from ITEC, Mr. Bonar is also the CEO and the Chairman of the Board of Dalrada Financial Corporation since 2003. In August 1995, he became the company’s director where he maintained the post for four years. As CEO and chairman, Brian Bonar handles operations for the company and is accountable for a vast selection of employee and employer benefits as well as aftermarket products. Dalrada serves as a marketing intermediary, providing customers with a trove range of employee programs that heighten business efficiency. He has showcased his urge to learn through sharing his passion with the companies he has served as a leader. He attained his bachelor’s degree from the University of Strathclyde, an MBA and a doctorate from Staffordshire University.

A Man That Has Made It To The Top On Many Occasions

Brian Bonar (Twitter) is a very interesting and innovative man that has accomplished much in his personal and professional life. Brian Bonar is currently the chief executive and the president of Trucept which was formerly known as Smart Tec Solution. Brian Bonar is also the co-president and at Allegiance Professional Business Services. He is the chairman and Chief executive officer in Amanda company and he is also the president and chief executive officer at Dalrada financial group Brian Bonar received his BSC from the University of Strathclyde , and he also went to Stafford University and received his PhD and his MBA in the field of international business development. Apart from that Brian Bonar has the very prestigious title of Lord in the English Hierarchy.

Brian Bonar always had a passion for business and for finances, and that is what led him into the career choices that he has made up until this day. Brian has been the executive officer of Trucept since 2012. Apart from the companies previously mentioned Brian Bonar has served as president and chairman of many of many other companies. In Europe Brian Bonar had over 18 years of experience in the company of IBM. Apart from that Brian has lived in other places such as Asia and the United States. He lived and worked in high-growth companies in different private and public sectors all around the world. Brian Bonar is a man who also has the drive and dedication to help found other companies such as AMS, outsourcing, PEO airport which was a company that focused on PEO and transport markets in Mexico and the Czech Republic. Apart from being an avid businessman and a natural born leader.

He also serves as a director at the Boys and Girls Club of greater San Diego, and he has had many many other philanthropic endeavors for many years. Brian Bonar is definitely a man who has been dedicated to leadership, and to his career. He is a man that has worked hard to make it to the top, and he has been able to continuously hold onto his leadership positions. Brian Bonar is a hard working man.

Joseph Bismark and the Spiritual Workforce Revolution


You may not have heard of Joseph Bismark but he is one of the most important members behind the scenes for QI Group. For almost the past decade he has been serving as the Managing Director for QI and doing it in such a way that people have begun to take notice. Bismark isn’t what you would call a typical Managing Director with much of his focus going to maintaining a level head and spiritual presence both in the office and outside of it. His unique blend of new age and old school ideas made him the perfect person for a feature in asPire Magazine, as reported by Yahoo News.

A trip to Joseph Bismarck’s office would yield quite an interesting encounter for most employees of QI Group. Bismark doesn’t believe in the old school brimstone and hellfire way of doing things. He instead follows a very interesting set of tenets based around his own vedic philosophies. He exudes calmness and an aura of welcoming, all while pushing each employee to be the best version of themselves that they possibly could be. His commitment to an open office comes from his own focus on maintaining his body and mind in a clear and present place.

Outside of the office you would typically run into Joseph Bismark while he is at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga where he serves as a Yoga Master. It is here that he helps to spread the benefits of Yoga in a way that even beginners can latch onto and understand. His advocacy for Yoga comes from his firm belief that your mind and soul can benefit from finding the relaxation and zen within and it is a key part as to why he incorporates it into his day to day lives.

Joseph knows and understands that you have a responsibility both to yourself and the world around you to chip in where you can and that is why he devotes so much time to the RHYTHM Foundation, which is the QI Group’s social responsibility arm. Of his intense and active life Bismark says, “I believe in the importance of immersing ourselves in as many physical and mental activities as we can.” He goes on to explain that he keeps busy so that he stays sharp, knowing that a busy life is a well utilized one. It is for these reasons that he has made such an impact at the QI Group.

The Impact of Eric Pulier and His ServiceMesh on Computer Sciences Corporation

Computer Sciences Corporation is an American multinational corporation and a next-generation leader in information technology (IT). Headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, Computer Sciences Corporation provides IT services, professional services and solutions such as cloud-based computing, cyber security, and big data. Its customer base reaches over 70 countries including North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The company services customers in the automotive, retail, banking, healthcare, and energy sectors, among other industries, producing billions of dollars in revenues.

A major Computer Sciences Corporation business objective has been to assist customers with the transition from investing in a locally hosted, tangible solution to a cloud-based strategy. In 2013, Computer Sciences Corporation acquired cloud infrastructure vendor, ServiceMesh to help meet its goal. To the benefit of Computer Sciences Corporation, ServiceMesh was a leader in this sector, meeting a demand evidenced by the rate of organizations moving their business to the cloud. In turn, Computer Sciences Corporation offered ServiceMesh a greater platform with its global scale.

Computer Sciences Corporation acquired ServiceMesh from then owner Eric Pulier. Eric Pulier a well known CEO, formerly of ServiceMesh.

An entrepreneur and founder of over 15 companies, Mr. Pulier is recognized among the leading and most successful entrepreneurs in government and enterprise technology. He led ServiceMesh into groundbreaking technology and an unprecedented level of service. A Harvard graduate, Mr. Pulier served as Vice President and General Manager of Cloud at Computer Sciences Corporation and led a fruitful division made up of ServiceMesh developers. He directed Computer Sciences Corporation creation and delivery of cloud offerings that enabled organizations to dramatically increase productivity and lower cost. Mr. Pulier was also a great match with the positioning and global community values held by Computer Sciences Corporation, as Mr. Pulier is known for his assistance to disadvantaged communities and disabled children on a global basis. Eric Pulier, former ServiceMesh CEO, is a well known entrepreneur.

Computer Sciences Corporation is a proven leader in quality. The company harnesses great talent in its more than 74,000 employees, with a reputation for those dedicated to innovative products. Among its several awards, Computer Sciences Corporation received two Level 5 SEI CMMI certifications. During 2014, Gartner recognized Computer Sciences Corporation as a leader in Data Center Outsourcing and Infrastructure Utility Services and Magic Quadrant for End-User Outsourcing Services. These factors have led to impressive Computer Sciences Corporation stock performance over the last several years and the report of a market cap of $9.0 billion.

How Vijay Eswaran became the King of Sales

It’s hard to imagine that two disciplines as different as direct selling and ecommerce could be mastered by the same individual. But they have been mastered, and in quite a short period of time. Vijay Eswaran, the Executive Chairman of the QI group of companies, has been leading the pack since around 1998.

When Mr. Eswaran first began his company, he set out to build a revolutionary business model. He wanted to combine the reach and efficiency of ecommerce with the personal touch and effectiveness of direct sales. In doing so, he had to find a product that was well-tailored to this wild west of business.

Settling on precious metals, he got the rights to sell commemorative coins in 1998 for the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Having come to market about two years late, his competitors laughed at him.

The humor was short-lived. In 2000, his company had positioned itself among the top three distributors in sales volume out of a whopping 42 competitors. What makes Vijay so successful?

He Pushes Through Adversity
When he started his venture, Mr. Eswaran had almost everything stacked against him. He had no funding, lived in a location going through an intense economic downturn, and had no advocates for his success.

Even now that the business is successful, Vijay Eswaran is no stranger to adversity. He’s even had to deal with trouble by business associates. Through it all, he remains professional and focused.

He Dreams Big

Not satisfied to stop after his current successes, Mr. Eswaran has started a university. Hoping to eventually have a completely green university, he is planning for electric transportation and pollution-free buildings.

The university will have a medical center including a teaching hospital, a hostel, and a shopping center.

He Leads the Way He Was Taught

His father is his inspiration in leadership, having taught him to lead with service. He also knows that hiring the right people is no easy task. Mr. Eswaran’s success is ultimately the success of his employees, and he hires and trains individuals with the right attitude and mindset rather than searching for the perfectly skilled employee. Vijay Eswaran was alsowas discussed by Entrepreneur.com.

It will be exciting to see how Vijay Eswaran’s dreams materialize in the future as the King of Sales.

Handy Stands Out Above Traditional Cleaning Services

When a person is looking to get some help with their home when it comes to the cleaning that they need to have done there, they will be left searching for the right company. There are a lot of traditional companies out there who offer maid services to people across the country, but there are also some modern companies out there, as well. There are many different options available to those who are looking to hire someone to do this kind of service for them, and they might feel like it is a hard decision to make.
It’s not just those who are wanting to hire someone to clean their place that have a hard decision ahead of them, though. It is also the people who are looking to get hired in this industry. There are so many different kinds of maid services out there, and how does one know where they should work? How do they know which place will give them the best pay, and which place they will enjoy working with the most?
Well, it might be a hard decision for both of those people to make, but one of the companies that should make things easier on both of them is Handy. Handy is one of the more modern companies out there when it comes to this kind of service, and they are one that everyone who is thinking of hiring someone for this job should be considering. Handy on techcrunch is a company that operates differently than a lot of the more traditional cleaning services. Handy hires people all across the country and sends them in to take care of the work. They give their workers a fair wage, and their workers give their clients a job well done. The company has really been working out so far, and it is a company that anyone who wants this service done will want to be considering.
There are so many traditional cleaning service companies out there, but sometimes traditional is not the way to go. It is a modern world, and it is great to see these modern kind of services popping up. People will be pleased when they hire a company like the one named above. They will be surprised by the superior work that will be done by such a new company. Sometimes new and modern really is better. That seems to be the case when it comes to cleaning services. There is just something about the modern ones that stands out above all of the more traditional services.

Dan Newlin Is A Super Lawyer For A Reason

If you live in Florida and are a victim of someone else’s negligence, call the offices of Dan Newlin. He and his professional staff handles a full-range of personal injury cases, and he has also secured millions of dollars in negligence claims against a variety of defendants. Newlin is considered one of Florida’s Super Lawyers — an award given to only the top 5% of lawyers in the state. Whether it’s medical negligence, slips and falls, work site injuries, motorcycle accidents or auto accidents, Newlin and his capable staff of lawyers can handle it. Dan Newlin was also written about by Avvo.com

Newlin’s law career started back in the late 1980s when he started fresh out of college at the New Chicago, Ilinois Police Department. He started out as a sheriff’s deputy and move up to the position of detective. He was awarded with a number of awards while working for the police department, and it was during that time he decided to get a law degree. Newlin graduated from Florida State University College of Law. Shortly after, he worked at a few firms to gain experience. In 2001, he started his own firm with only three employees. Today, his firm has more the 70 lawyers and professional staff members who are the tops in their respective fields.

Newlin is known throughout Florida for having won a number of major cases. Recently, he was in the news for securing nearly 100 million for the victim who was left paralyzed by an errant gun shot. He also won nearly $1 million for a couple whose car was struck by a negligent driver, leaving the husband with serious, debilitating injuries. Newlin is known for fighting for his clients and leaving no stone unturned when it comes to securing them the judgement they deserve.

Newlin is also known for his local philanthropic generosity. He is an avid supporter of the Girl’s and Boy’s Club and heads an organization at the Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital. He recently invited former heavyweight boxer Evander Holyfield to the hospital to visit with chronically ill children.

Newlin has proven to be more than just a lawyer. He is an individual that you can trust. If you feel that you have been a victim of negligence, call the offices of Dan Newlin. His team of professionals will access your claim and secure you the money you deserve. All consultations are free.

Becoming an Animal Activist

Becoming an animal activist like Keith Mann can be a rewarding experience but it can also be quite taxing on the soul and heart. Animal activism means being an advocate for animals that are victims of neglect and abuse. There are many helpless animals in the United States and the world that go through horrible instances of abuse and neglect that it leaves the animals hurt, isolated, mentally inadequate and even dead. Animal activists work to ensure that animals are not abused on a daily basis. They also work to get the abusers arrested and in jail. If anyone is interested in becoming an animal activist, there are ways to get involved and make a difference in someone’s life.

Anyone interested in becoming an animal activist needs to be aware that they will be involved in grassroots activities. Individuals need to be independent in their endeavor of fighting for the rights of animals. There are many people that go investigating animal cruelty on their own. They also have people confronting animals abusers. Protests are important in the animal activism community. Many animal activists go on various protests around the United States fighting for the rights of animals. Circus’, aquariums and farms are usual spots for protests by animal activists. In addition to investigating and protesting, individuals can also be an animal activists by sharing information to others, making people aware of the atrocities some animals go through.

Keith Mann is animal activist in the UK that has gone to great lengths to fight for the rights of animals. Mann is the author of From Dusk Till Dawn, chronicling the atrocities animals go through on a daily basis. Keith Mann was an electoral candidate of the Animal Protection Party. As a teenager, Keith Mann has worked in dairy farms and has seen first hand what goes on in those facilities. In addition to be an animal activist, Keith Mann is also a vegan. He refuses to eat animal products of any kind.