Business and Technology Executive Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir grew up in Iran and was born in London. He went to high school in Switzerland. His dad was a doctor. He went to college in the United States. Kheradpir is a technology and business executive who has a BA, masters, and doctorate degree that he received from Cornell University in electrical engineering with control systems as the focus. As Juniper Networks’ chief executive officer, he helped with the deployment of Verizon’s FiOS. Kheradpir worked at GTE Corporation. GTE Corporation eventually became a part of Bell Atlantic and then Verizon was formed from that merger in 2000. Kheradpir was Verizon’s CTO/CIO for eleven years. His team consisted of 7,000 employees. He helped decrease the cost of technology spending with the company by about 30 percent. From 2011 to 2013, he worked for Barclays.

During his career, Kheradpir has created teams that are mission driven to make changes that truly matter for his investors, customers, employees, and the community. His first public appearance as the CEO for Juniper Networks was in Las Vegas at the RevUp 2014 conference. At the conference he spoke about focusing on excuse free execution and a meaningful dependence on partners.

In an interview with ARN, Kheradpir talks about his vision for Juniper how it will tackle any competitors. He feels that being CEO is very familiar. He said he is getting acquainted with the way the business is run and the team. He has been asking many questions. He is also pushing for an open door environment. He believes that the partners have become very important because they truly understand the customer. He says that a big part of a business is finding out how to get customers to want to go onto the “bridge” to their service or product. He feels that their partners have information that is crucial to making this happen.

When asked where he would like to see the company in the next year he began by saying that he would like to see the top level executives all working together as one. He said it might sound simple, but he acknowledges that the company has a variety of moving parts. He would like to focus on the customers. He truly believes that focusing on the customer being vital to a company’s success. He also believes having an executive team that is disciplined in business fundamentals is very important to the health of a company.

If I Was A Dog Owner I’d Buy Beneful Dog Food

If I were looking to buy some of the dog food that is available in the stores that I shop at for my own food, then I would hope that there would be a brand that offers exceptional quality available to me. I would want to know that the product that I picked up is one that would leave my dog feeling healthy. And, I would need to know that the dog food brand that I chose is one that would make my dog more playful. And, ultimately, I would need to know that the company that makes the brand of dog food is one that cares about the dogs that they are making it for.
So, if Beneful were one of the brands that were available to me, then I would be happy. From all that I have heard about Beneful I feel that they are a brand that I can trust. They offer food that is made with healthy ingredients, and always with the best quality, as well. They are a brand that has put out a lot of cute ads that feature dogs of all kinds, and through those ads I feel that I can really trust them to care about pets. They love dogs just as much as any dog owner does. And, I believe that that says a lot about this brand.
If I owned a dog and Beneful was available in my supermarket, I would definitely put it into my cart. This brand is one that I feel knows dogs and their needs better than a lot of others.
People are able to find a good brand in any category if they just look hard enough, and the above brand is one that they should be considering if they are looking for a good dog food brand. It is one that they would be able to feel good about serving to their pet, and one that is available at most places that they would usually shop at for themselves.

Recognizing the Life of Jaime Garcia Dias

Jaime Garcia Dias (LinkedIn) was born in 1970 to writer, Arnaldo Dias and architect, Dulce Garcia Dias in the city of Rio de Janeiro. He has become one of the most popular and passionate authors of Brazil. A very accomplished writer, five of his twenty published books (Fell from Heaven, Two Ways, Canal, Clouds, and Tiny)have been award winning titles.

Mentored by his father, Dias made the decision to become a writer at the young age of 15. By the time he was 18 years old, he had already written his first book that was inspired by Graciliano Ramos’ The Devil to Pay in The Backlands. Dias studied literature at the college of Rio de Janeiro. In 1993, he became a teacher at Carioca Literature Academy where he shared his passion for written works with teenagers for five years. He continued to write even after he became the Vice President, and later President, of the Academy. His dedication is what made Carioca Literature Academy the largest school specifially for brazilian writers. In 2001 his hard work payed off when he was awarded The White Crane which in turn catapulted Fell from Heaven all over South America. In 2013 he began writing for a local newspaper, Jornal Do Brazil. In two years, he compiled all of his stories from his childhood to honor his father.

Recently, Jamie Garcia Dias (Twitter)┬áhas been honored with the ABC award of Brazil of Fictional Literature. He has forever made his mark on the Brazilian culture. Jaime Garcia Dias’ talent and incredible hard work deserves the recognition of not only South America, but the entire world.