Eric Pulier: The Modern Enigma

Eric Pulier has carved a niche for himself as one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs in the recent past. Having started his computer programming strategies while still in fourth grade, Eric has managed to grow over the years. His interest was highlighted when still in high school when he started a company that focused on computer databases. This expertise was later developed when he went to Harvard University. Since then he has established himself as one of the most successful individuals in his field of expertise. He graduated from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology with the highest possible honor in the year 1988.

His career formally picked up in the year 1991 after he founded the People Doing Things firm. This company has been highlighted and credited with dedicating itself to the education needs of the society through the use of technology. After three years, Eric founded the interactive Digital Evolution Company. However, the most outstanding thing about his character was highlighted through the formation of a network in the private sector which dedicated itself in addressing the concerns of children who were chronically ill. The children affected in this sense could now have a platform for sharing their experiences and thus this made the process quite bearable for the other children.

Through his success, he was elected to be the manager of the Presidential Technology Exhibition in the entire District of Columbia. This provided a platform for him to be involved in the initiatives to make the society a better place. Eric is also the founder of wide entities that are involved in philanthropic initiatives that have been formulated for the sole purpose of making life better for everyone.

The philanthropic Initiatives

The philanthropic works that have been initiated by Eric Pulier are spread across the globe. He has always prided himself in being a positive element in the world. Eric has continuously sought to donate to initiatives that have a better impact on society. He is a notable donor to non-governmental organizations across the world. He is also at the helm of an organization that seeks to innovate new solutions to address the challenges that face mankind in the current world. One of the most profound organizations in this regard is the Painted Turtle which has committed itself to offering children with chronic conditions a future that they can make a living out of.

Arguably, the credentials of Eric Pulier will continue rising over the coming years. He has received acclaim from the individuals that have had the honor of working with him and also alongside him. His sense of inclusive leadership has ensured that the company has continued to enjoy success which is almost guaranteed over the next few years.

Clients’ Review On White Shark Media

White Shark Media is a Digital Marketing firm specializing in providing online marketing platforms that are designed to fit small and medium-sized enterprises. The firm has been recognized as among the fastest growing digital marketing agencies across North America. The firm has a good reputation of developing cost effective marketing techniques while at the same time offering excellent customer service experience. This agency has helped several companies across the entire North America to expand their businesses by making use of digital marketing tools and techniques designed by this firm. White Shark Media has been tracking the progress of their clients’ marketing efforts and this is a major component of their success along with the reviews received.
Many clients have appreciated the services offered by White Shark Media. The agency has handled the needs of their clients in a professional way and also answering their concerns promptly. The clients think that it’s an amazing web consultant agency they have ever worked with in the previous years. With the assistance of White Shark Media, some clients are developing mobile platforms and websites like Google, Bing and Yahoo which are working nicely. These clients are encouraging their colleagues to consult this agency in order to receive the best services ever.
The company eliminates stress from clients that struggle to manage and maintain successful online marketing sites. The company performs everything for you and informs you through email whenever anything is modified. Satisfied clients have been recommending White Shark Media to those businesses preferring to advertise on Google. Other clients using AdWords have seen positive impact in less than a month after engaging White Shark Media. The clients experienced tremendous growth in conversations as well as leads to sales since partnering with this agency. Within the first year of working with White Shark Media, several companies have experienced decrease in sales expenses of up to 30 percent and increase in the number of clients by 400 percent. As a result, the companies are recruiting more staffs in all their departments.
White Shark Media is committed to satisfy the needs of clients and ensure they achieve success. The agency wants to be innovative and develop cost effective and flat rate marketing platforms affordable to all business enterprises. This growth has been achieved through experience, dedication, creativity and commitment of White Shark Media. The company’s strategy and goal is to double their size and bring on board world-class partnerships using their excellent marketing campaigns.

Griffin’s Unbreakable Spirit in the Business World

With the changes that the world has been experiencing especially in the business world, we are in a better economic platform compared to the ancient days. The business industry has changed and every structure and aspect of it has changed. This has led to a very developed economic situation and a diverse trading environment that has increased the level of business and the transactions thereof. In actual sense, the world has become a very complex economic environment especially considering the development in technology. Technology and the internet have both led to the possibility of a globalized village and this has transformed the world in major aspect.

As the world transforms and as it changes into the new global outlook, there is an area of business that is emerging very strongly. This is the financial market that is a very complex aspect of business today. As the economic structure of the world continues to expand and as it responds to changes, the demand for financial advisors and capital investment experts is actually rising all over the world. This is where people like Mr. Kenneth C. Griffin come in. Griffin is a capital management expert on and he has been in the business for year now.

Being alumni of the Harvard University, Griffin has been well groomed to deal with the challenges of business in real life situations. He began showing interest in the business world while as a student in the university and his passion grew so strong that he began to attract the attention of other established investors around him. Of them who also played a major role in launching Griffin into the business world was Frank Meyer. By then, Frank Meyer was a well-known investor and an established businessman and he was very impressed by Griffin’s vigor and passion for business.

Griffin’s passion for business and his ambitions won him a significant deal where Meyer agree to launch his idea in the business world by supporting him in a sponsorship deal. In fact, he loaned the young Griffin a whopping $1 million and challenged him to make who out of it. Just like his character would have it, Griffin did not disappoint with this challenge. He did his research and invested the money and eventually, they were both going home a happy lot. The investor got his money back and some returns on it, while Griffin got a business running and his share of the returns.

Griffin was a very ambitious young man back then and even to today. He wanted to have his own business and this he had to achieve not matter what. That’s when he started working from one company to the next saving up the little he could with the intention of getting some reasonable amounts to start his own business. Eventually, he was able to save enough capital and with the help of his close friends and family, he collected enough money to start a company that has grown to become one of the greatest capital management companies in the world, Citadel.


In this digital age, technology is used to provide lasting solutions to complex and tasking activities of everyday life. The service industry happens to be constantly evolving to suit customer demands. This fact necessitates a business formula where service providers and consumers can exercise convenience while offering quality.

Handy is one company that has employed technology to transform the household cleaning industry. The founders of the company identified the global problem of hiring an efficient cleaning service with professional standards of operation. They set about finding a solution and in the year 2012 they established Handybook in New York City.

Handy now offers quality cleaning and handy work services. It has also expanded its operations by providing electrical and plumbing services.It uses an online platform to link up its customers with professional assistants affiliated with them. Their online platform is a seamless portal of professionalism and efficiency. It allows clients to procure cleaning, electrical, and plumbing services from the comfort of personal gadgets. Handy has also expanded its handyman services to house moving, furniture assembly and delivery, garbage disposal, air conditioning and interior space management to maximize profits.

They have taken over the industry by storm. The use of modern branding techniques and mobile applications has made their module of business relevant to modern lifestyles. In return, Handy’s sales have multiplied at a monthly rate of 60% in a quarter year. Since 2012, the company has managed to set up branches in more than thirteen cities in the US alone as well as offices in Canada and the United Kingdom. The firm has built a growing reputation and has many investors’ interest and backing.

The basis of their service is trust, convenience, and professionalism. Their booking service works as follows; a client logs in onto the Handy website or app, specifies their location, selects the type and volume of service they need and specify a convenient time. The web application then responds with an all inclusive price proposition for the client to accept or negotiate. The firm then dispatches professional service people to perform the customer’s service. For safety purposes, the company takes responsibilities for any damages or lost items. It also refunds the client’s money when they are discontent with the work done.

Handy cleaning services offers professionals a dependable marketplace to exchange their skills for reliable income. Getting to work for Handy is a complicated process involving background checks, referee testimonials, and thorough interviews. The firm has a very strict hiring policy meant to safeguard its reputation and level of professionalism. The few that get this opportunity enjoy working for a fast growing and prestigious corporate. They earn an honest living, contribute to economic growth of their countries and their credit ratings improve.

The future has never been brighter for Handy. Market demand has them expanding and dominating new territories to their advantage. The management of the company has always had the vision and will to make Handy a success story.

Facts Everyone Should Know About Dan Newlin

Dan Newlin is a renowned injury attorney based in Florida, who has been serving for more than ten years offering great services to many families. He has been hailed for his prowess and responsiveness especially when dealing with complex cases that are presented by different clients. His services have been extended to helping people secure help when insurance companies seem to hesitate to offer compensation. It is now easier for accident victims to access their rightful compensation without them spending much.

His career path has been successful since the time he began at the age of 20 years. He first worked with the Indiana Police fire department. This was after he had completed a degree in Law in 2000, which equipped him with knowledge that would help in his endeavors. He has apprehended hundreds of people who have been identified in scandals that involve breach of the law against injury victims. During his time at the police department, he showed immense enthusiasm that motivated the government to recommend him for most of the cases. He has always maintained honesty and his services are delivered without considering race or status. All he cares about is getting justice for his clients.

As of today, Dan Newlin has recovered more than $150 million worth of claims presented by injury and accident victims. This has been made possible by his zeal and responsiveness to situations that are presented by clients. He is also well experienced and works with a trusted team of professionals to ensure justice is served for all victims to get their rightful share of compensation. His law firm has been listed as one of the most respected firms, which have been able to serve without influence from other parties. They focus on personal, auto, motorcycle, truck and all injury cases that are as a result of accidents.

Newlin’s law firms has been identified among Super Lawyer Law firms, a title that only 5% law firms in Florida have managed to attain. This highlights his great dedication and experience in ensuring all operations are coordinated to the best of their clients. Due to his efforts to help fugitives and stranded victims of accidents, Dan Newlin’s firm has received numerous awards, something that has enhanced the view of the public. They have managed to earn more trust and are able to serve a large number of clients without compromising on their promise. All this has been as a result of efforts and skills that Dan holds for easy and flawless management. He has been so successful on behalf of many people who have sought the help of his law firm. He also ensures all members that are recruited to the firm are qualified enough and experienced to manage different types of lawsuits.

Achievements of Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is a technology expert and also a business executive who holds bachelors, masters and PhD in electrical engineering from Cornell University. He has played crucial role in development of several software and applications that are used by high ranking organizations in the world. Kheradpir commenced his career at GTE Corporation where he was responsible for network routing, control as well as management. Eventually, he was appointed to the position of chief information officer and this made him earn respect since he delivered new products on time.

In the year 2000, GTE and Bell Atlantic merged and formed a new organization called Verizon Communications. Shaygan Kheradpir of arnnet served as the president of e-business division at Verizon before progressing to become the organization’s first CTO/CIO. The company was able to diversify into wide range of ICT services and automated its operations due to the expertise of Kheradpir. As a result of his experience, Kheradpir used small team of experts who were mandated to develop new product ideas for the company.

Kheradpir was working with about 7000 staffs that used to sacrifice their time to ensure the company achieved its goals. His team was able to develop FiOS and later iobi that was used to manage caller ID, address book and other characteristics on devices. Verizon One was created by his department and involved a combination of phone, modem, router and portable device. His department was able to reengineer several Verizon’s core systems like website, call center and highly effective customer service systems.

When Kheradpir was working at Verizon, the company minimized its IT budget significantly. Also, IT staffs were reduced by 20 percent thus reducing operational cost. He was also responsible for reducing technology purchase from vendors by more than 20 percent. He negotiated with vendors and suppliers to minimize their prices and also advised the company to do away with its policy of buying IT equipment. He ensured major contract were out-sourced at lower costs. In addition, the company managed to develop and install new software to improve its potential.

Shaygan Kheradpir joined Barclays in January 2011 heading Global Retail & Business Banking department. He helped to develop products for clients like Pingit mobile money transfer software. Eventually, Kheradpir was promoted to the position of Chief Operations and Technology Officer for the entire company. This made him to be among the executive members subsequently making him the first technology expert to sit on the board at Barclays. He ensured the bank has transformed its operations to be in line with 21st century industrialization.

Later on, he was appointed the Chief Executive Officer at Juniper Networks. He launched a program at Juniper Network that helped investors to minimize on expenses, increase dividends and buy back stocks. Mr. Shaygan has an experience of more than 30 years in this industry. During this time he has supported vision oriented professionals to foster and understand their role in the world of technology. His innovative ideas led to development of new software and applications that have transformed many organizations across the world.

Dealing With White Shark Complaints

White Shark has had many compliments over the years. But, they have also had their share of complaints. White Shark has become a stronger company from these complaints. One of the complaints that hit close to heart was when small businesses weren’t able to get their reports on time. Now businesses are giving the run around before their campaign even starts so they are better prepared. Communication is very important to White Shark, however early on clients complained they weren’t getting enough attention. To overcome this, monthly status calls have been used to improved the online conferences in GoToMeeting. Clients have really embraced this and praised White Shark for doing this. Clients now are able to call their contacts directly. This allows communication to happen even if the person that is trying to be contacted is out of the office. Clients have complained that the old campaigns are better then the new campaigns. To fix this, campaigns are actively in use. If the client already has a successful campaign there is no reason to change it and it will continue to be the same way it was before. Procedures to keep the campaign successful will always be kept in place.
To keep campaigns intact White Sharks have SEM Strategists teamed up with a supervisor. The supervisors only have 3-5 strategists to look over. This allows better team work and it helps increase the experience of the group. This helps them look over all campaigns to make sure they are running smoothly. Clients have requested SEO services. To make sure clients don’t lose money to SEO vendors, White Shark does a thorough background check of the SEO proposals and their work. Clients have been sweet talked into signing up, but end up with a contact person that aren’t in-tune to their needs. White Shark Senior SEM Consultants follow each Client throughout their process. Right from the day the client signs up, SEM Consultants is actively involved with the client. Clients who want to start a new campaign have to open a new account. This works against the clients interests. If you already have a good campaign going White Shark will allow you to continue working on it. Adwords are a big part of a client’s campaign. Clients are able to install conversion tracking to track their adword results. Majority of local clients have customers inquiries over the phone. White Shark has partnered with Marchex to provide clients with call tracking. White shark has taken in complaints and have improved their company throughout this process.

Source: White Shark Media Blog

The Benefits of Online Dating Like Skout

Communication and interaction has been made easier by the use of internet. Today, purchase of different household goods can be done by a click of a button. In the recent years, the dating scene has changed drastically. In these contemporary times, people are embracing online dating. It has become the new norm. Online dating is an introduction platform where people interact with the intention of having a romantic or personal relationship with another party.
In online dating, users write a profile about themselves and their expectations. If somebody finds your profile appealing, he or she can contact you. Through the basic interaction, you can decide if you have a mutual interest. Globalization and progress made in the field of technology has improved connectivity besides allowing people to connect through the social media platforms.
The benefits of Skout online dating are vast and wide. It is a simple and an easy way of meeting people who would like to be in a relationship. As long as you have created a profile and attached a photo, you can browse through other users and contact them. It is a great way for people to meet and interact with other people that fit the qualities that one is looking for through social media.
Another benefit of online dating is the fact that you can meet a number of people at once. This breaks you out of your usual comfort zone that comprises of a closely-knit setting of people and friends you have known for a long while. In this kind of setting, you lack the opportunity to meet new people outside your social circle. With the presence of smart phones, online dating has been made easy and convenient for many people.
Given the presence of persons who are shy, the online dating method has been of crucial benefit to them. Online dating decreases the pressure that is usually involved in a face-to-face meeting. It offers a relaxed atmosphere where someone can make conversation without feeling like they are put on spot. It also helps you to achieve a level of comfort so that during the date you can be at ease.
In an online dating platform, you are saved from embarrassment. Such sites prevent you from rejection by matching you with someone who is more compatible to what you are expecting. In online platforms, people usually feel free to disclose personal information and this can help you have clear understanding of the other person. Online dating offers you the freedom to specify your intentions from the start. When you do put out their intents, you narrow down your search to people who are looking for the exact thing. In case you are looking to date, casually this stops you from mingling with people who are looking for soul mates.
The growth of online dating platforms has lead to the emergence of mobile applications such as Skout on zendesk. It was founded by Niklas Lindstrum and Christian Wiklund in 2007. Skout is a social network that one can use to post photos, connect with people and make new friends. Skout has a different section for teens and adults. The application also prohibits the posting and exchanging of nude photos.

The Aspire: Taking Luxury Living To The Next Level

In the heart of New Brunswick lies the embodiment of elegance, The Aspire Luxury Apartments. Just moments away from the world-renowned Rutgers University and premium shopping, it is also conveniently accessible to Routes 1 and 18, Interstate 287, and the New Jersey Turnpike. The Aspire provides elite accommodations at affordable prices with spacious floor plans and state-of-the-art amenities reflecting the innovative design style of Boraie Development.

For over 30 years, Boraie Development has dedicated its construction efforts to the revitalization of some of New Jersey’s most prominent cities. The company has a strong reputation for establishing partnerships with area investors (including native Shaquille O’Neal) in their ongoing mission to enhance urban communities. A few of the company’s renovation projects include construction of the Cityplex 12 Newark (an old theater) and current plans to rebuild Atlantic City’s tourism district.

The Aspire is a 238-unit upscale mixed-use development just minutes away from the New Brunswick Train Station, the Children’s Cancer Institute, and Robert Wood Johnson Hospital. Floor plans include studio, one and two bedrooms (some with terraces and balconies) with nine and ten foot ceilings, hardwood flooring, wall-to-wall carpeting, custom kitchens, energy efficient appliances, cable and internet access, and washer-dryer combinations in each unit. The building also has over 10,000 square feet of retail space, home to various businesses and attached packing facilities with elevator access. Other amenities include:

  • Indoor/outdoor resident’s club with lounge area, library, catering kitchen, pool table, and flat screen TVs
  • Rooftop sundeck and garden with outdoor BBQ space
  • Fitness center with yoga space
  • On-site management and maintenance
  • Residents’ portal
  • 24/7 doorman lobby
  • Individual personal storage
  • Indoor bike storage
  • Pet friendly


FreedomPop Takes Its Free Mobile Service Across The Pond

FreedomPop announced that its alpha testing its free mobile service in the UK. According to the article in Digital Trends, the free plan is the same plan that seems to be very popular in the States which is the 200 plan. A subscriber gets 200 free minutes, 200 free SMS, and a 200 free MB data package. There are two paid plan options being offered to their UK subscribers. The big difference between the two plans is that the 2GB has unlimited voice calls and messaging and the 1 GB plan limits the user to 1000 messages and SMS. Subscribers can, however, get a free month of the 1 GB plan during the testing period.

There is no word yet if they are using a 4G LTE during the testing time period. One nice thing that FreedomPop does do, or in this case does not do, is charge their customers a penalty for exceeding their data allowance. For a small monthly fee customers can roll over up to 500MD of data that they did not use. customers can even store up to 20GB. What makes FreedomPop plan’s a little different is customers can take their storage data and share it among family and friends who are also using Freedcamp. FreedomPop is hoping to offer their customers in the UK the change to buy their mobile devices straight from them by the end of the year.

FreedomPop has its sights on more than the UK and hopes to expand into more European countries. Though there is no word on the Jettsetter Sim card that subscribers are to be able to use in Spain, France, and the UK, there are hopes that more than a dozen more countries will be added. Though there has not been a definite launch date given, those interested in the alpha testing should check out FreedomPop’s website for all the necessary information